Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's it like

to be two weeks old Lydia???
Lydia is two weeks old as of 7.40 pm. What a happy whirlwind of two weeks. She is a wonderful baby who has stolen her parents' hearts. Amazing how that can happen so fast huh?

We took Lydia to church today. We decided we'd go and keep her in her car seat the whole time to avoid her being passed around a ton. It worked. It's funny because any of them could individually come to our house to see her and we wouldn't mind at all for them to hold her but something about big crowds and being passed around screams bad germs.
I didn't get to hear the whole sermon because I had to go feed her pretty much as soon as it started. Our church has a nursing mothers room that is a huge blessing. You can sit and nurse and still hear the sermon. That is as long as you're in there alone. It's hard for two moms to be together and not start chatting about their babies. I got the overall point of the message this morning though and was encouraged to worship with other believers.

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my two week check up and then Lydia has her third apt on Tuesday. They want to keep checking her until she gets up to 6lbs.

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