Sunday, December 30, 2012

brent and kandace: married

I enjoyed celebrating with Brent and Kandace earlier this month. They were both so sweet and came from great families.  I loved that at the end of their ceremony everyone lit a candle and sang Silent Night. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

kesid: 6 months (or should i say 6.5 months)

Kesid is a sweet, sweet baby. The kind of sweet that makes you want to have more babies because you think they might all be this sweet and oh man how could you not want a ton of her (yes that was a run on sentence).

These last few weeks have been big for her...she has started sitting up and has cut her first tooth all in the same week. I can see her second tooth about to pop through. Along with sitting up, she is mobile. She doesn't crawl in the typical way but is more of an army crawler. She's a curious little thing. Today she crawled all over the kitchen just to explore new territory. The days of being able to leave her in a room and do something in another real quick are over. I'm having to re-baby proof. 

Kesid loves Lydia. She will randomly just giggle at her big sis. Pretty much ever time I carry Kesid down the stairs with Lydia trailing afterward, Kesid giggles watching her walk down. Patrick and I love when the girls laugh at each other in the car. Having them facing opposite directions is great because they entertain each other. 

Kesid is a ferocious girl. She will grab you by your hair and pull you in for some kisses. She is also really squishy and squeezable. Sheesh I love squeezing her.

I don't remember Lydia going through a phase of being a mommy's girl. She pretty much was happy with whoever was holding her. Kes is in a stage right now of being a little rotten :). If she is sleepy or hungry and I walk in the room she'll start fussing until I pick her up.

At her six month check up Kesid weighed 17 lbs. She is such a chunker! For being such a chunk, she is not very interested in solids. I introduced her to them at 5.5 months and she was not a fan. Waited a few weeks and re-introduced them, she did a little better. I've stopped again and think I will try again in a few weeks.

She is a great napper and I am thankful for how easy she is at going down. We simply give her the paci and a little stuffed animal and she goes right to sleep. She is doing better through the night. There have been more nights of her sleeping all the way through but if she does wake up it's after a longer stretch (more like 4:30-5:30 ish).

7:30 wake up and nurse
9:00-10:30 nap
10:30 nurse
12:00-2:00 nap
2:00 nurse
3:30-5:00 nap
5:00 nurse
6:00 (solids...if I give them to her)
7:30 down for the night
8:30 nurse (somewhat of a dream feed)
10:30 dream feed

Kes is a joy. We are thankful for her and her health. Thankful for her sweet disposition. Hard to believe she's been here for half a year already and at the same time hard to believe it's only been half a year. I remember laying in bed while pregnant with her and crying to Patrick because I was honestly scared I wouldn't be able to love another child as much as I love Lydia. Funny how quickly our hearts grow and are filled with love for our children.

Happy Six Months Kes!! 

(up on her knees rocking!)