Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a very nice Easter this year. We celebrated with Patrick's family. All of his siblings were in town so we went to his parents church. It's always nice when the whole fam is together.

We tried to take some pictures of our little family.

We included Aunt Anna as well.

Praise the Lord we have a risen savior!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

solids for the first time

Here is a video of Lydia's first time experiencing solid food. Sat. April 23rd. Butternut squash. It's a little long.



After she ate she spit up on Patrick and herself. He decided just to leave both the shirts off.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm going to try and make Lydia's baby food. I'm not against store bought baby food. We are doing it because it's cheaper and fun! Well I think it's fun now... we'll see after a few months of doing it.

Patrick and I are going on a week long trip in about a month. We are leaving Lydia with our parents. She's okay at taking a bottle. She's not super excited but will do it if she has to. I wanted to make sure that she was getting something else other than breast milk just in case she decides not to take a bottle well while we're gone. I know lots of places say to wait until 6 months to introduce solids but we decided to do it a little early so she'll be a pro by the time we go on our trip.

With her turning 5 months on Thursday we decided we'd go ahead and start. We picked today so that Patrick could be here and feed her. We are excited about this new phase of her life. It'll be fun to make her food and see all her reactions to different tastes.

Today we are feeding her butternut squash. I also made sweet potatoes and avocado. We'll introduce those after a few days of squash just to make sure she's good on the allergy side of things.

I documented the process of making the food to share with those of you who are curious.

I started with a butternut squash, an avocado, and a sweet potato.
I washed all of these. Then cut the butternut squash in half. (I only used one half because I wanted to use the other half for Patrick and I)
Scooped out the seeds with a spoon and then cut into smaller sections.
Laid these in a dish with a little water in the bottom and then microwaved for 10 min.

After microwaving until the squash was tender, I let it sit for 5 min. Then I scooped out the insides leaving the skin behind. Dumped this into the blender and started on my sweet potato.

I washed and peeled the sweet potato then cut it into small cubes. Placed in a microwave safe dish with a small amount of water and microwaved for 10 min.

Let cool for 5 min and then dumped into the blender. Now I had squash and sweet potatoes ready to be blended.

Avocado time! Wash. Cut in half. Took out pit. Scooped out the good stuff into a bowl. Avocado doesn't need to be cooked. So I just went to town with a fork. Smooshing it till it was smooth.

I used breast milk to make all of these thinner. After I was done mashing and blending, I put these in some handy dandy ice trays and froze them.
Now I just pop one out and microwave for 20 seconds and feed the girl some yummy homemade food.

I used this book (it came with the trays).

5 mo

Thursday marked 5 months of Lydia's life. We are so very thankful for her and her health. She is so much fun right now.

She has started to grab her feet. She does this the most when we are changing her diaper. She usually only grabs her right foot but in the last day or two she has grabbed both at the same time.

She is still sticking her tongue out all the time.

Squealing is her newest thing. She has realized she has a voice! It used to be quiet in the back when we'd be in the car but now there are high pitched coos. Squealing back at her often gets some cute giggles.

This last week Lydia was a little fussier than normal and had a slight runny nose. I took her temp thinking she may have an ear infection...It was a little high but not a fever. We are wondering if she may be starting to cut a tooth. She is drooling more and loves to gnaw on things. I put her teething ring in the fridge and then gave it to her. She loved it!

Lydia is picking up on more things... She is becoming so observant. On the days I watch Tillman and Rory, Lydia will stare at Tillman and smile at him.

look a like?


this is me at 9 weeks. I was a lot chunkier than Lydia at 9 weeks. I can see some resemblance. Can you?


I mentioned a while back that I was going to try a new recipe every week. I haven't exactly followed through with that. Whoops. I have been trying to change things up though. If I don't try a completely new recipe I'll throw a twist on an oldie. Here are a few things that I've made

We have tuna every once in a while around here. It's quick and easy. Also I think it's a good source of something. I can't seem to find my picture of this but it was yummy. I rolled the tuna into medium sized balls and then breaded them with Ritz cracker crumbs. Baked them until crispy. Paired this with crescent rolls and a big salad topped with strawberries and grapes. I wish I had my picture... it was nice and colorful. Anyway this meal took a whopping 15 min or so and turned out pretty yummy. Nice and light on a hot Spring night.

Next I tried black bean soup. I love Panera's BB soup. I got this recipe from a friend's mom. It turned out very yummy. I just happened to have some soup bowls to put it in. DELISH!
Here is the recipe... I cut it in half because it was only for Patrick and I. If I eat beans as left overs for too many days, Lydia's belly gets mad at me. I also didn't do the optional sausage.

Black bean soup

4 cans Bush Black Beans ( 2 seasoned, 2 regular)
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1 med. onion chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
½ of a green pepper chopped
Optional: 8-12 oz. andouille sausage (med. or hot according to your taste) – Cook in skillet before adding.
24 oz chicken broth ( start with 1-18 oz. add more depending on thickness you prefer)
1 tsp. chili powder
2 -7 oz. can Herdex Salsa (1 hot, 1 mild)*
*Using this salsa is key to flavor –find in Mexican food section at Kroger

Suggested toppings: sour cream, chopped green onions, grated cheese

In a stock pot, heat olive oil, add chopped onions, gr. Pepper and garlic. Saute until onions are
translucent over medium heat. In a food processor ( or mash with a potato masher, two cans of the

Bush’s beans. ) Add the chicken stock, mashed beans, two cans of Bush’s beans, salsa and chilie powder.
Add additional chicken stock here if desired. Cook on low heat for at least an hour, stirring occasionally.

Top bowls with toppings if desired.

Friday, April 15, 2011


My sister just finished up her maternity leave and needed a babysitter a couple days a week. Since she's back to working, I'm back to working. What could be better than getting to watch my niece and nephew?? It's going to be fun spending so much time with them now that they live so close (they just moved to southern IN). Lydia and Rory (my newest niece who is almost 8 weeks old) are going to be BFFL (Best Friends for LIFE). Bekah (my sister) and I have already arranged it. There will be none of this going off to college and forgetting one another. Nope. They will be life long buds. Hopefully!
And Tillman (19 mo I think)...he's going to show these girls the way. He'll show them trucks and cars and how to get dirty and probably share some MmmmMas with them too. MmmmMa is his way of giving kisses. I'm sure they will be making appearances often on the blog. Why not start now?

Lydia likes to calm Rory down when she cries.
By hitting her in the face.

Tillman found his moms boots. We think he looks like Puss here (from Shrek)

Speaking of working... Patrick has been doing some yard work. Our back yard is awful. Full of weeds and weird funky grass. We had a fence between our neighbors yard and ours. It was falling down because bushes were growing on it and it just couldn't handle the weight. We found out a week or so ago that it is OUR fence... so Patrick took it down. Next we will try (ok probably Patrick will try) to dig out those rascally bushes.

While Patrick was working. Us girls were watching. Just hanging out inside admiring our strong Daddy/uncle/husband.

Lydia likes to stick out her tongue... its her newest trick. We can't tell if she's just found it and is exploring or if she's teething and using it to rub her gums...Either way it's always out. It's pretty cute.

nick and kellie are expecting

We know Nick and Kellie from church. I am so excited for them as they are excitedly awaiting their little girl Willa Jo. She is going to be so loved! I was thanking the Lord today for the many ways he is blessing couples at Immanuel with babies. We seriously have kids coming out of the wood work. Thanks Nick and Kellie for letting me take some pictures of Kellie's cute 35 week belly.








Hope you guys enjoyed your peak :) I'll try to get the rest to you Sunday.

Monday, April 4, 2011

rainy days

Rainy days mean mom takes silly pictures with photo booth.

tired of being tired

That was me at this point last week. I had had it. I couldn't deal with Lydia's sleeping schedule being so hit or miss. I didn't know if it was because of her pacifier or if she was just getting too much sleep or too little sleep. After a few nights of being up every 15-20 minutes because the pacifier fell out AGAIN I decided we had to work on this. Something had to change... and FAST. I posted a desperate post on Facebook asking moms for advice. Some mentioned the Ferber method while others told me just to enjoy this time while she's so little and not worry about the scheduling as much some suggested taking the paci away cold turkey...other thinking she was ok to still have it.

So many decisions. Patrick and I decided to do something along the lines of ferberizing Lydia. We also decided to take away her pacifier. We felt it had become too much of a sleep prop. It was no longer being out friend. It had rather become my enemy. We knew that once we made our decision we'd really have to stick to our guns. It'd be hard but it'd be worse to flip flop on our decisions. I had a few (ok a LOT) breakdown moments. Once Patrick came in the kitchen and found me loading the dishwasher through tears. Lydia had just had a 30 min or so crying stretch (I was going in and checking on her periodically) and I just didn't know what to do. I kept doubting my decisions and just felt so unsure about pretty much everything. It's gotten better and things seem to be smoothing out. She knows what to expect and I think I know what to expect.

Here's what we did. It started Tuesday morning after I'd just reached my breaking point. I took away her pacifier for her second morning nap and laid her down. She fussed for a while. I went in after 5 min. patted her on her back then after another 10 min. did the same thing. She feel asleep. I thought, "wow that was easy..." HA she tricked me. She slept for like 45 min and then that stinker known as the "45 min intruder" decided to show up. She started wailing. I went in after 5 min. 10 min. 15 min. 20 min. Ok this stinks!!! This went on all day. She'd sleep good for a while and then would have a hard time going into that second sleep cycle. This first night was rough. She had a few hours of straight crying. Patrick and I obviously didn't get much sleep. This made that second day of sleep training really REALLY hard for me. I was running thin. Thankfully the Lord is kind and doesn't give us more than we can handle right? She slept without a peep that next night :) I didn't get my hopes up too much for the next night. Her naps were becoming more consistent during the day though. She was starting to go down fine without crying and would even go back to sleep if she woke up mid nap. That night (3rd night) was another rough one. She had another stretch of crying for close to 3 hours (I was checking on her..she was fine other than being mad at me and the rest of the world for not giving her her pacifier and not picking her up). That fourth day and pretty much every day since then has been SO much better. She has slept the last 3 nights without a peep. I am truly thankful for the Lord's grace to get us through those really rough times. I'm not naive enough to think there aren't going to be many many more rough spells in the future. But I am really thankful. I spent much of her screaming times praying for strength and patience and joy and a baby that would sleep:)

So here's what our schedule USED to look like.
7:30a: wake up and feed
8:30a: go down for nap
10:30a: wake up and feed
11:30-11:45: nap
2:30: feed
3:30-3:45: nap
5:30: feed
6:30: nap
8:30: feed and go down for bed
10:30: dream feed

4 naps and eating every 3 hours (6 feedings a day). That 6:30 nap was awful. Most of her naps were awful. She was waking up during the night... Not fun!

Here is her NEW schedule.
7:30a: wake up feed
9:15: down for nap
11:00: feed
12:45: nap
2:30: feed
4:15: nap
6:00: feed
8:00: feed/down for bed
10:30: dream feed

3 naps (each 1 hr 45 min) and eating every 3.5 hrs (still 6 feeding a day). Staying up for longer periods and a final awake time of 2 hrs right before bed. Cluster feeding at night... making sure her tank is on full for the long night of uninterrupted sleep.

I am really happy with this schedule. She is sleeping so much better. I like that she is awake for a good stretch at night while Patrick is home.

So that's what we've been up to and are now doing. If you have any questions please feel free.

thanks to all those who gave me advice/prayed for us!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Here are 4 random videos of life with Lydia.

My Nanny and Mom often sing this song to kids. I've picked it up and sing it multiple times a day to my girl.

Lydia has been laughing a good bit lately and mostly at random things we do to her. She really likes when Patrick kisses her hands.

Blowing raspberries has always gotten smiles out of Lyd. This last week she was really studying me as I'd blow them. One day she stuck her tongue out and blew one herself. Spit and drool have been flying ever since. It's so cute because it's almost as if she's proud of herself. I also did a quick tour of her nursery in this video.

I was dancing with Lydia this afternoon and she was laughing it up. Of course when Patrick got out the camera she calmed down... we caught a few.