Saturday, June 29, 2013

time flies

Amazing how fast it goes.

kesid: 1st birthday party

Sweet, sweet girl! Kesid turned one at the end of last month. Because her birthday fell on a Friday we were able to have her party on her actual birthday. We had a few friends and some family over to celebrate this first year of life for our girl. We are so thankful for being able to be surrounded by so many that we love and have them share in the joy of Kesid.

A friend of mine let me borrow a few things from her little girls birthday party and everything came together nicely. Lydia loves birthdays and parties (and cake!) so she was pumped all day! Kesid on the other hand had no clue it was her day.
 Kesid had just started taking a few steps. Now (a month later...) she's practically running.
 I could eat her up!!
 It was sprinkling on and off but I really wanted to take these pictures outside. Lighting was just so much better. It was worth it. Thanks, friends for getting rained on!
 She got mad when I took off her paper.
 Threw a fit...but kept eating her cake. That a girl!
 This Daddy loves loves loves his baby girls!
 Lydia, loves loves loves that cupcake!
 Friends! Only 1 weeks apart.
 And sweet cousins. Some how I didn't get pictures of the other cousins running around.
 And a sweet Mimi (who has her own birthday to celebrate tomorrow!!) with some of her grand babes!

So thankful for Kes and this first year. It's been great watching her grow and her little personality come out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ocean isle 2013 (part two)

 Part two could also be called family picture post. What's a beach vacation without family pictures?
 It's so hard to get one of all of them looking and happy.
 They started to melt.
 And then they literally melted. HA. These are the moments you're proud of!
 Photoshop Anna in below.
 Why do I love the picture below so much??
 Best Daddy right here folks.
 Oh sassy face.
Lydia had her first experience with Legos... she loved them and keeps asking about them. Need to go to a yard sale and find her some.

And we are done. What a sweet trip! Thankful for times to rest and enjoy God's beautiful creation while surrounded by family!