Friday, September 30, 2011

walk walk i like to walk

Lydia has just started walking...with some helps from her walker. She loves it. I was afraid it'd slip out from underneath her and she'd bust her face...that hasn't happened yet. We still stay close to her and help steer her around furniture. I think she loves this new form of freedom.

And this is an older video of Lydia laughing at her silly daddy. (sorry if you get a little sick from the wobbliness of the filming :) )

Isn't her laugh the sweetest?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 months

Lydia is 10 months old now. Remember when I thought 10 months was a year?? Ha, well thankfully its not! Or I would I have 1 year old.


We weren't scheduled to go to the doctor for a 10 month appointment but ended up going a few days before to have her ears looked at. I thought she may have an ear infection but it turned out that she was just teething. Poor girl. It has been tough this go around. Last time the teeth just popped through and she didn't really have that drastic of a change in mood. This time the snot and drool are RUNNING! I can't tell you how many times I've sucked out her nose just so she could breathe. Hopefully those teeth will break through soon because I feel pretty bad for the girl. Anyway at the doctor she was weighed and is 20 lbs 8 oz. The little chunker has broken the 20lb mark.


Lydia loves little kids. She gets really excited when she sees them and wants to attack. Tillman might just be her favorite! The other day Till and her were in our room playing with alphabet cookie cutters (I know they aren't really toys but they love them!!). Lydia was looking like such a big girl. She was keeping up with Till in just about everything.

Here is a video of Lydia with Tillman

She is definitely learning what "no" means. Now that she knows which things she's not supposed to touch, she will often go up to them and shake her head.

She says "hi" and "ba ba." She has perfected the wave to go along with those. She sometimes tried to say "uh oh"... usually the "uh" is all the comes out. I'm working on her learning high fives and how to blow kisses.

Two days before her 10 month mark she started crawling on her hands and knees. She still army crawls sometimes but more and more she is crawling in the traditional way. How fun! I really didn't think she would do this. I just thought she'd army crawl until she walked. I really am glad though because all her shirts were starting to look worn from her scooting everywhere on her stomach.


I have started giving her more and more finger food. She has had a few whole meals now of just finger food.

She is still taking two naps and 3 bottles a day. I am going to start introducing cow's milk again at lunch time to start getting her used to it so that when she's a year we can switch all together.


The pictures I have aren't the best...she wasn't feeling so hot this day. I should have re done them the next day but forgot. Now she's 10 months and a week so these will have to do. We took her to the park after dinner and she really enjoyed swinging. Of course she especially loved watching all the kids who were also swinging.


We are so thankful to the Lord for these 10 months. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

stinking it up

Yeah, so I'm stinking it up in the blogging world. I haven't posted in a while. Sorry for anyone who cares. I reading a lot. Anne of Green Gables to be exact. Finished that one and am now on to Anne of Avonlea. Where has Anne been all my life. I love that little red headed girl.

For those who care, I'm hoping to do a 10 mo post on Lydia soon. I also have lots of videos to post, an update on the whole RA thing, and just random info on life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


thanks aunt b for my cute headband!!

officially weaned

I started to wean Lydia on August 12th and by September 3rd she was completely weaned. The process was shorter than I had originally planned on it being but was also a lot smoother than I had anticipated.

I am very thankful to the Lord for giving us grace to get through this season. I think I had dealt with the emotional aspect of weaning at the very beginning (or maybe even before I started).

It was a rough start because Lydia wouldn't take formula. I only had about 30 oz of breast milk stored. Once that was gone I didn't really know what to do. I mixed the last few bottles with formula to try and get her used to the taste but I ended up throwing those bottles out because she refused them (I guess due to the taste of formula??). When it was only formula in the bottle she would scream and spit the milk out and then start gagging. Those first few days she went without (milk) for a few meals. One day I just broke down and bawled my eyes out. I emailed Patrick this pathetic message telling him how RA has ruined my life. In my mind it made sense... if I didn't have RA I wouldn't have to get on this medicine. If I didn't have to get on this medicine I wouldn't need to wean. If I didn't have to wean Lydia would not be screaming... All leading back to RA. Patrick reminded me that I'd have to wean at some point anyway even if I never had RA. He also calmed down the whole "my life is RUINED" thing by reminding me that many people have it WAY worse than me. He also threw in the reminder that this is God's perfect and good plan for my life. I was thankful for friends who prayed for us all during this rough time and who sweetly reassured me that this too shall pass. And boy is that the truth...all these seemingly huge things at the time are hard to remember in a few weeks.

We finally gave her a 3 oz bottle of whole (cow's) milk. She cried at first but then drank the whole thing. Slowly I have been mixing formula in with the cows milk. I know I know babies are not supposed to have cow's milk until they are a year old. I was desperate and my doctor told me it was okay. And now she is on only formula.

I dropped her dream feeding first and then dropped one feeding each week afterwards. The last to go was the "dinner" feeding. I did this so that I would be emptied out at the end of the night and could sleep comfortably. Thankful this process hasn't been too uncomfortable. I had this awful expectation and thought it'd be super painful. I think the Lord has heard my prayers and graciously made this process very smooth.

So overall I am happy with my nursing experience. Lydia never really had any trouble and I am so thankful that I didn't have any problems (i.e. mastitis). I am glad to be able to easily go out during those feeding times now and just bring a bottle.

Good-bye nursing.