Friday, December 31, 2010

christmas part 3

Christmas morning Patrick and I woke up and had our own time of opening presents.

Christmas Morn 2010 from Hannah Schreiner on Vimeo.

After our grand celebration we headed south to my parents. We had more donuts and time to visit with family.
Lydia met some of her cousins (extended) for the first time .
Patrick played with A's new lite brite.
J cheesed it up for the camera.

Our family has grown (and is continuing to grow) at such a fast pace we don't have much room for all of us and the tons of presents.

My Dad played football, basketball and baseball in high school and was great at all three. His momma never missed a game and cut out all the newspaper clippings with my dad in them. He was pretty much a star so there are tons of clippings. For too long these clippings have sat in a bag. My sister took some of those and put together a scrapbook for my Dad. It was really neat and special. Dad told us all some of his favorite stories. We all teared up at the end when Dad started talking about his momma.
Like I said, she never missed a game. One game she had pneumonia and was afraid she was going to miss Dad playing. The coach let her drive her car all the way down to the field and sit there and watch her son play.
Granny's been gone now as long as I've been alive. I can't imagine life without my parents. Dad was a momma's boy for sure and I know he misses her so much.
Sarah Beth definitely gets the best present award this year!
On a lighter note... I made M a Mighty M cape. He was a little hesitant at first but finally let us see how cool he looked in it.

This was Lydia's first time to be held by uncle Brad.

Merry Christmas 2010 from the Schreiners!

christmas part 2

Last year I had every present bought and wrapped by Dec 1st. This year was another story. Ha. I didn't have all the shopping/making and wrapping done until Christmas Eve. Babies cause procrastination.
This is our tree.

We spent Christmas Eve with the Schreiner side of the family. It was great to have a few new additions to the family this year...Sam, Lydia, and Brooke. The family has grown so much in just a year!

christmas part 1

Christmas this year started on Thursday for Skeeters' Family Christmas. My Dad is one of 5 boys. Each year as many of us as possible get together for good food, yummy donuts and sweet fellowship. For some of us its the only time each year we get to see each other. My cousin and her family opened up their beautiful home for all of us. It was a good day.

This is my cousin Sherry holding Lydia for the first time. She has 5 girls, one of which is in the background of this picture.
Here's another one of her daughters with my parents in the background.
It was great to see my uncles and aunts. This aunt lives in South Carolina so we don't get to see them as regularly.
We did some sitting and chatting, told some stories and enjoyed one another's company.

Next to Lydia, this is the newest addition to the family. He is adorable and was all smiles all day.

It's a family tradition to make donuts every Christmas morning. Our family likes them so much that in the last few years we've started doing them as early as Thanksgiving and really for any old occasion because they so yummy.
It's really a fun tradition. I can remember my cousins and uncles coming over late Christmas Eve to make the dough and cut out the donuts to let them rise over night. I would always have to go to bed but would have loved to stay up and help. Once I was old enough to not really have a bed time we started making and rolling them out all on Christmas morning. I'd get up and help my Dad. Those are some memories I'll always cherish.

Donuts are sometimes fought over in our family. There is always a line and we've even been known to "call" donuts that are still in the deep fryer.

I think this was his first time experiencing donuts... He can really call himself a Skeeters now.

It's hard to think that in a few years we may not get to attend such events if we are in another state or even another country. I'm trying to soak up all these moments and memories just in case.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I would go to bed right now

but I have to feed Lydia in 45 min. Story of my life these days but I wouldn't have it any other way. She's laying beside our bed in her pack in play snoring right now. She's cute.
I had thought of a lot of random things to post about early in the day but can't seem to think of any of them now. I really think I have lost some of my (already limited) intelligence since having a child. She's probably going to be a genius.
I made the first sentence of this post like my mother in law does her emails. :) Patrick and I always think its funny the way she starts what she wants to tell us in the subject line and then continues on in the message without skipping a beat. She draws us in that way. She reads my blog. She's probably laughing right now.
This post is probably going to be random.
Patrick sleeps with ear plugs now that we have Lyd in the room with us. She's that loud.
Lydia has a rash on her chest. It kills me. It doesn't seem to hurt her or really bother her at all. But it breaks my heart to see it. I showed it to the pediatrician and she didn't seem to be that worried about it. Said it'd most likely go away in a few days. I've been putting aquaphor on it. I have a few ideas of what it could be from. Maybe her shirts...alot of them have little applique (don't think that's spelled correctly) things on the front and I think the rough part underneath is rubbing her and irritating her. I've been trying to put a plain onesie on her underneath such shirts to solve the problem. My mom mentioned maybe it's the detergent I'm using. I use All free and clear so I don't think it's that. I started today to try and not use any fabric softener sheets because those have a fragrance. We'll see if those two things help. If not I'll probably buy the too expensive Dreft and see if that helps.
Lydia has been kind of fussy after eatings and I think it's gas. She's funny. The majority of the time the only way to calm her down is to hold her belly tight against your chest by pressing on her lower back and then holding her head out with your other hand. If you can't picture this I'll try to post a picture. I'm including this because it's these cute things that I want to remember.
Like how Patrick and I love the way her breath smells. I had been thinking that but was afraid to say it because I thought it was weird. Then he said it. Now we can be unashamedly weird together.
Now its 30 min till I feed her.
I just facebooked for 24 min. I really should start a book or something. I could get a lot read during these waiting periods.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Lydia gave me a smile this morning. This is the first social smile I've seen from her. It was so sweet. I almost cried. I feed and changed her and then laid her on my chest for some tummy time. She picked her head up and was looking at me. I was making some ridiculous baby talk and smiling away when she let one rip. BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait till she's handing those things out more often.

We had her 1 mo check up yesterday.
She is 8lbs 6oz (20th %tile) (up 2 lbs and 9 oz since birth)
21 in long (50th %tile) (grown two inches since birth)
Her head circumference is 37cm (50th %tile)

She is a healthy little girl.

Monday, December 27, 2010

John and Brooke

Patrick's younger brother proposed to his girl friend on Dec 15th at Dinosaur World. We are very excited to have Brooke in the family. She is a sweet godly girl with a great sense of humor. Patrick and I went with all of his family to Dino World to celebrate after he proposed. Here is a video of when they walked in and we first congratulated them.

John and Brooke engagment from Hannah Schreiner on Vimeo.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday morning after Christmas to you!

I tried taking some pictures of Lyd and I with photo booth. Here's what I got.

She spit up in the first one right when it took the picture
We have some visitors coming today (my mom, sister (and her family) and my bro)!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Schreiners

With Love Blue Christmas Card
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 Month

Lydia is a month old.
Can I just say how crazy that is? What a blessing this sweet girl has been to Patrick and I. We can't get enough of her sweetness. We are thankful for her calm temperament and her great sleeping and eating habits. She went 6 hrs last night in between feedings!! That makes a momma happy! I woke up feeling so refreshed! Thanks Lyd!
Doesn't she look chubby here. She's gaining weight so well. I weighed her on Sunday at my parents and she is right at 8lbs.
Thanks Aunt B for these cute baby legs. I've been looking for some and I think these are just too cute. Kirby liked them too.
Speaking of the boy. He's still around. Doesn't get as much attention now but we took him and Lydia on a walk this evening.
Lydia also got her first bottle today. I wasn't sure how many ounces to give her but after consulting with my mom and sister I decided to go with 3 oz. She did great. She lost a lot of it rolling down her cheeks but I guess she got enough. She seemed to eat a little more at the next few feedings. It's good to know she can take a bottle though. It's also fun to let Patrick get in on some of the feedings. He enjoyed this first bottle.
Well it's been a great month. We love you little baby!