Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 Month

Lydia is a month old.
Can I just say how crazy that is? What a blessing this sweet girl has been to Patrick and I. We can't get enough of her sweetness. We are thankful for her calm temperament and her great sleeping and eating habits. She went 6 hrs last night in between feedings!! That makes a momma happy! I woke up feeling so refreshed! Thanks Lyd!
Doesn't she look chubby here. She's gaining weight so well. I weighed her on Sunday at my parents and she is right at 8lbs.
Thanks Aunt B for these cute baby legs. I've been looking for some and I think these are just too cute. Kirby liked them too.
Speaking of the boy. He's still around. Doesn't get as much attention now but we took him and Lydia on a walk this evening.
Lydia also got her first bottle today. I wasn't sure how many ounces to give her but after consulting with my mom and sister I decided to go with 3 oz. She did great. She lost a lot of it rolling down her cheeks but I guess she got enough. She seemed to eat a little more at the next few feedings. It's good to know she can take a bottle though. It's also fun to let Patrick get in on some of the feedings. He enjoyed this first bottle.
Well it's been a great month. We love you little baby!


  1. oh my goodness, she is so cute.....we are so very happy for you guys. Lydia has the cutest little face! Big eyes and cute little chubby cheeks. I bet you just kiss them all the time..
    Congratulations and Merry Christmas from the Clark family

  2. Hannah she is precious!! So glad she is a good girl, maybe Sawyer can take some pointers from her, haha! Enjoy your first Christmas with your babe!! Blessings.

  3. I LOVE HER LEG WARMERS!!!! I'm so glad that I found them and for a DOLLAR at that!!:) She is getting so big and starting to look more like you Hannah:) Patrick is still definitely there, but I see more of you shining through. I think its hilarious that in the first picture you posted that say's Lydia 1 month old she is holding out her finger like number 1. Did you notice that? Please tell me you already did,lol. So glad she took a bottle well. It's nice to have that option should you ever need a break from the boob if you know what i mean:) Love you see you tomorrow!

  4. Hey Hannah, I have been told by my sewing friends that baby legs are SUPER easy to make. You're good at sewing so I am sure you could do it. Get tall womens socks, cut off the foot and sew it. I can show Ellie's if that would help. =) Lydia is adorable and I hope to meet her soon!