Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Weigh in

Lydia had her check up appointment to make sure she's gaining her weight. We were really hoping she would be up to 6lbs today. That would pretty much have her gaining an ounce a day since her last appointment which is what they want to see. Well the girl out did her self. She weighs a whopping 6 lbs 6 1/2 oz!! Way to go Lydia!

I know it's important for her to get up her weight but at this rate she'll be a chunk before I know it and our little munchkin babe will be no where to be found. I'm trying to soak up all her littleness while it's still here.

She is still pretty much the best baby ever. She sleeps and eats great (obviously) and when she's awake she is mostly content to just stare at you. We are thankful for her temperament up to this point and hope it stays for the long haul.

I had my two week follow up appointment with my doctor and everything is looking good. She said I'm healing well. I absolutely love my doctor. If you are in the area and need a gyno, email me and I'll give you her info. I highly recommend her! Speaking of weigh ins, they weighed me at this appointment as well. I'm down to 129 (I was 149 at my last appointment, I think). 10-12 more to get to pre-baby weight. We'll start on those once I've got the clear from the doctor.

Ok, enough blab here's more pictures of the girl.
Can you tell he kind of likes her?

Every time I've given Lydia a bath she cries. When Patrick gives her a bath she was as calm as could be.
Here she is this morning. I was changing her into her daytime clothes.
Can you tell she's gaining weight?
I could just eat those checks all day. And those eyes....
Grandma came to visit today. Kirby was a little jealous.


  1. What a beautiful little baby! So stinkin' cute!! I can't imagine how you get anything done during the day with such a beauty on your hands!

  2. Oh Hannah! Your family is very precious. I must say it brought a tear...God Bless y'all.