Thursday, December 2, 2010

These Days

Are so sweet. I know they are going to pass by real fast. That's why I'm blowing up our camera with her face and hands and feet. I just can't get enough her. These last 11 days have been busy.

We had a baby (obvious, I know)
Stayed in a hospital for longer than ever before. And kind of enjoyed it. ok really enjoyed it.
Came home
Went to the movies... Harry Potter. Don't judge. She did great. Slept through the whole thing.
Have had Thanksgiving meals to last a while.
Been loved on by many family members and friends.
Have had two doctor visits (one just to meet her and check her out and the other to check her weight.)
Traveled to my parents (about an hr away)
Snuggled lots.
Gone to work. To train my replacement (definitely not desirable but manageable since she gets to come along).
Put up Christmas tree... or watched Patrick do it.
Admired while my mom decorated it.
Exploded out of diapers. Many many diapers have graced this little one's bottom.
Celebrated 10th day by going to Lynn's Paradise Cafe with Mimi, Papaw, Aunt B, and Tillman.
Have been loved on in so many ways by all our family and friends and church.

I'm sure there's more but I can't really think all that well.. I'm getting sleepy. I'll just get to the pictures:) There's going to be a ton. Get ready. It's my blog I can do what ever I want.

look at the smallness of her foot compared to his hand

Uncle Dan and Aunt Ashley with cousin Sam
Uncle Jordan
Uncle Micah
Mimi and Papaw

Cousin Meredith

Here we go. Life in the real world

Visit from Alex, Clint and baby Sawyer... can't wait for play dates!

Uncle John
Ha. Sam didn't know what to think of Lydia
Best place to be!
Probably my favorite picture ever

Hi Uncle Matt
My mom, Mimi
Sugar from great uncle Mike
big cousins Audrey and Myles

Nanny (my grandmother)

sleeping while mom gets ready
zonked out after a long day of work with mom
haha explosion
Jenny with big boy Luke. Thanks for visiting friends!

love those big eyes

All bundled up ready to go to the dr's office. She pooped on the nurse at this apt when she took her temp.
@ Lynn's on 10th day

Fuwf! you made it.


  1. Hannah!! I need to see this baby! She reminds me so much of Mady! Seriously, this is ridiculous! I have gifts for her!!!
    She is so so so precious! So happy for you guys.

  2. She is so beautiful!! I want to meet her too. I am so proud of you out and about already! Way to go girl!!!

  3. She's so beautiful! And you look so good! Get some rest and enjoy these precious days!

  4. She is super cute! Glad you are enjoying her... it does seem like the time is going to fly by.

  5. Oh my goodness Hannah! I think she's getting cuter by the day (if that's possible)!! She is so beautiful & the perfect combination of you & Patrick!

  6. I absolutely love your pictures! She is adorable...all bundled up like a little bean burrito! Love those moments!

  7. every time i scroll through these pictures i never want them to end. she is so pretty