Sunday, May 26, 2013

buckingham: wedding

Last month I had the sweet privilege of second shooting while a bride was getting ready for her wedding. Sarah and Brad are in our small group at church. They actually met and started dating, got engaged, got married all in the time of being in our small group. It has been so neat watching the whole progress. Sarah was a beautiful bride and I loved getting to shoot her and her friends getting ready. So thankful for this opportunity. Just thought I'd post a few.

Monday, May 20, 2013

kesid: 11 months

Kes is actually 11 1/2 months now but I'm learning that this is  just how it is for everyone but the first born... An update comes when it comes :)

Kesid is such a joy! Because I'm going to be doing her one year post soon, I'll just post what she's doing now.

If we can't find Kesid she is often right in the middle of all the shoes. I'm not sure why she likes it here so much but she does.

Kes is getting to be pretty daring. She has figured out how to do some climbing. She shimmies her way up onto these little chairs and will stand up holding on to the back and just bounce. She's proud of herself! We are currently working on obeying when we tell her to sit on her bottom. I can tell this is going to be a long road. She's stubborn :) She also likes to climb up onto the fireplace. As soon as she's up there she starts crawling as fast as she can so you can't catch her.

Kes has 4 bottom teeth and 3 on the top. Her 4th is about to pop through. I think it'll be in by her birthday.
She can say: hi, bye-bye, dada, mama, na na (night night), boo (peek a boo), has tried to say papaw and says a baba noise for both grandma and grandpa, she also says a "eh ya" sound that I think is her trying to say Lydia. She waves and blows kisses and signs for more. She also whines for more :)

She walks along everything and will hold onto to one finger and walk all around. I'm still hoping that she is walking on her own in the next few weeks!
I have recently dropped the lunch time feeding and am down to nursing at morning and night. She has done fine with this. I am trying to give her a sippy with cow's milk at lunch and throughout the afternoon but she is not a huge fan.
 Sweet sisters. I love how Lydia decided to wear her boots with her shorts!

Happy 11 months Kesi Ru! Can't believe it's almost been a whole year!

**p.s sorry for the abundance of pictures... I could have done a lot more.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

koenig: family

This sweet family goes to our church. I loved watching these sisters interact with one another. It reminded me a lot of me and my sister growing up. The faces and the giggles were great. They loved picking these yellow flowers too!
Thanks Koenigs!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

daddy and his girls

I find myself going in and out of remembering to take pictures of little moments. Right now I'm in the in season of taking them... I know I'll always be thankful for these.

These girls love their daddy and he loves them!