Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have not gotten up the last two mornings to a house that was freezing cold!!! (59 and 61 degrees) That's what you get for leaving the windows open when its not warm out. I just keep hoping it warms up because I'm too lazy right now to close them.

I didn't go to Whole Foods today for lunch (thanks to Hanel, my pilates instructor, who gave me a gift card) and order a big slice of pizza and an oatmeal raisin cookie. After purchasing and eating them, I didn't go back through the line and order another big slice of pizza from the same girl. She didn't ask, "back for more???".

I did not go to the grocery store to get a rotisserie chicken for chicken salad sandwhiches, get really hungry while at the store, grab bag of bar bq chips and start eating while shopping.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Update

** IF you are reading this before reading two other post read these first: 1 and 2
I'm 7 1/2 weeks now and have been feeling the sickness. I think I'm learning that I am just going to have to keep snacks on me and eat them often. I don't like the thought of that because I don't want this pregnancy to be an excuse to eat all the time and whatever I feel like. I want to be healthy. I'm realizing that for me right now, being healthy is keeping my food down and that means eating snacks.

I've gagged pretty much everyday in the last week or so which is usually followed by dry heaving. A few days I've actually vomitted.

I sleep a lot! Last night I got home from work, made dinner, barely ate dinner, dry heaved, went to bed to rest, fell asleep for THREE hours, woke up at 9, threw up, ate toast, read, went to bed at 10, woke up at 7 the next morning. I told Patrick I feel like a really boring wife. He encouraged me that all this sleeping is giving him great study time at the end of his semester.

Even though these feelings are not pleasant, I'm thankful for them. They mean the hormones that are supposed to be there, are there. I know this wont last forever. The longest it can last is 9 months right? Thank you Lord for your good gift to Patrick and I. Thank you for the grace we need to get through each day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doctor Doctor!

I'm about to go to my first doctor's apt. I leave in 15 min. Those 15 min can't get here any sooner! Patrick is meeting me out there. It's funny how even after two very clear pregnancy tests, I still doubt that I really am pregnant. There is something about hearing it from the horses mouth I guess.

I've started to feel a little nausiated in the last few days. No vomitting, yet.

I just got back from the doctor and all is well. They did an ultrasound and we got to see our little pea and hear the heartbeat. Praise the Lord. We are so excited. They moved my due date back from the 7th to the 11th of December.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Women's Retreat/Thunder/Wedding Shower/ Church

Friday I left for my first ever women's retreat. I'm so glad I went. I was able to meet many ladies for the first time and deepen my relationship with others. We also heard some great talks on living joyfully through the gospel and learning to recognize areas we are believing lies and from that to think on what is true. For example: thinking the truth about God and His word, about ourselves, about others, about the future and also about the past and present.

I find I often do not think on what is true but rather let my thoughts get carried away and tend to believe lies about all of those areas. I'm thankful that the Lord has not left me to myself in this but has given me His word. His word that is full of truth. May I think on these things!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
We (Tara and I) got back from the retreat and immediately left for Thunder with our husbands. Tara had a nice hook up and we got tons of free food (Barbecue, mac and cheese, cake, ice cream, nachos, chips, cotton candy, anything you could want) and good seats for watching the show. Only thing was, we forgot to bring enough clothes to warm ourselves. We needed lots of blankets!Sunday we had church, lunch with friends, wedding shower, quick nap and then off to the members meeting. I keep thinking one day I'll have a relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jenny's Shower

Saturday I hosted a shower at our new home for the first time. It was for a good friend of mine, Jenny. She is having a boy in the next few weeks. She's not actually due until May but I have a feeling she'll go sooner. I didn't take a ton of pictures but here are a few.
I made her a boppy and boppy cover. I think this is my new thing I like to make for a gift.I also made a homemade cheesecake for the first time. It was yummy and not as hard as I had imagined.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Never ever

did I expect to be so excited to see two pink lines! Yup thats right, I'm pregnant!

I have told 2 people so far (Patrick and my sister) so to write this out is a huge relief! I feel like running up to everyone and just spilling my guts. I wont, not for a while, just to be safe, you know. So instead I'll write this post that I wont be posting for a few weeks.

Right now, according to the online find your due date calendar, I'm 5 weeks. (Still can't believe it)

Here's all the info.

Patrick and I came off birth control in Janurary. The birth control we were using was really messing with my body and had me feeling nervous. Patrick and I were moving toward the "we can start trying for a baby now" stage. In March my body finally got to working again and I guess thats when it happened:) It's funny how fertile my family is.

Anyway we went on the trip to D.C. this past weekend and I was expecting my cycle to come at any time. Well it wasn't coming (and wont come for a while!!!). When we got back Monday evening I was 9 days late so Patrick and I went to Kroger and bought 2 pregnancy tests. This morning I woke up at 5 when Patrick left for work. I laid in bed until I couldn't stand it any longer. I jumped up and went into the bathroom (I felt like I was going to burst). Peed on that stick and saw a marvelous thing. One pink line. Then TWO pink lines.

Kirby happened to follow me in the bathroom. I looked at him and smiled and cried and said "Kirby we're having a baby" HAHAHA. I cried and laughed and praised the Lord. He is a GOOD Father and has given us AMAZING gifts. I prayed for our baby and instantly felt a need to protect him/her.

I showered, cried some more, smiled and then got to work thinking of how to tell Patrick.

As I ate and chugged more water so that I could take another test to prove I was really pregnant and the first one wasn't a mistake, I got online and found out my supposed due date and all the goodies about our baby. I took my first pre natal vitamin. Peed on the second test and saw for the second time, two beautiful lines!!!

I made Patrick a card, got dressed and headed downtown to Patrick's work to tell him the good news. He knew I was going to take a test this morning so he had a feeling when he saw me. I handed him the card and as he opened it he said "Is this what I think it is?" I just smiled and told him to open it. He hugged me and laughed and I cried some more:).

It was great to see his face and to experience this with him. I love that man and can't believe we are having a baby. I hung around there for a little bit.

I called my sister and asked her if we knew anyone with a Dec 7th birthday. She said, " I don't know I feel like we do." I then proceeded to tell her that that date is the closest thing I have to knowing my babies birthday. She cried with me and congratulated me. Patrick talked to her and she congratulated him.

This is simply amazing.

I feel like I know NOTHING about this. What do I do? What don't I do? I have to find a doctor. I have to start preparing for a new member of our family.

I can already see my tendency to lean on my own strength. If you'd like to pray for me in any way; pray that I would trust the Lord in all things. In my health, in the babies health, in everything.

It has been fun having this be our little secret:) Patrick texted me through out the day and said "I'm so happy!"

Sorry family for holding out on you. We can't wait to let you in on this special secret. We will let you know soon. I can't imagine us being able to hold it in too much longer.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Patrick and I just got home from a trip to D.C. with his family. We went to visit P's brother, Dan, his wife, Ashley and their baby Sam. It was a great trip. We were in D.C. at such a great time to see the cherry blossoms.

D.C. is one of my favorite places. Patrick lived there for 5 months while we were dating. I was able to visit a good bit and we even got engaged there. It happens that today is out 2 year "engagerversary". We visited the place Patrick proposed. It was great. (Check out this post if you want to read about the proposal)

We got to spend time with little Sam and his parents. It was great seeing them all as well as other dear friends. Weather was perfect and what a great Easter service at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. This church is probably the best for hearing other believers singing rich songs. It's so encouraging.

Hope you had a great Easter. Enjoy a few pictures.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Stuck In My Head

Things go better with Coca-cola
Things go better with Coke
Life is much more fun when you're refreshed
And coke refreshes you best
It's the RE-FRESH-ING-EST!!!

**thanks Tom Schreiner for drilling that into all of our heads while traveling in Cameroon, now it gets stuck in my head at the most random times**