Monday, April 5, 2010


Patrick and I just got home from a trip to D.C. with his family. We went to visit P's brother, Dan, his wife, Ashley and their baby Sam. It was a great trip. We were in D.C. at such a great time to see the cherry blossoms.

D.C. is one of my favorite places. Patrick lived there for 5 months while we were dating. I was able to visit a good bit and we even got engaged there. It happens that today is out 2 year "engagerversary". We visited the place Patrick proposed. It was great. (Check out this post if you want to read about the proposal)

We got to spend time with little Sam and his parents. It was great seeing them all as well as other dear friends. Weather was perfect and what a great Easter service at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. This church is probably the best for hearing other believers singing rich songs. It's so encouraging.

Hope you had a great Easter. Enjoy a few pictures.

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  1. Great pictures! DC is such an exciting place. Where, pray tell, did you get that dress? It's so cute! And if you made it yourself, then I'll be impressed but highly disappointed, because that will mean I can't buy one. :-)