Monday, April 19, 2010

Women's Retreat/Thunder/Wedding Shower/ Church

Friday I left for my first ever women's retreat. I'm so glad I went. I was able to meet many ladies for the first time and deepen my relationship with others. We also heard some great talks on living joyfully through the gospel and learning to recognize areas we are believing lies and from that to think on what is true. For example: thinking the truth about God and His word, about ourselves, about others, about the future and also about the past and present.

I find I often do not think on what is true but rather let my thoughts get carried away and tend to believe lies about all of those areas. I'm thankful that the Lord has not left me to myself in this but has given me His word. His word that is full of truth. May I think on these things!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
We (Tara and I) got back from the retreat and immediately left for Thunder with our husbands. Tara had a nice hook up and we got tons of free food (Barbecue, mac and cheese, cake, ice cream, nachos, chips, cotton candy, anything you could want) and good seats for watching the show. Only thing was, we forgot to bring enough clothes to warm ourselves. We needed lots of blankets!Sunday we had church, lunch with friends, wedding shower, quick nap and then off to the members meeting. I keep thinking one day I'll have a relaxing weekend.

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