Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burns Rd

I have a spot in my heart for homes/places/songs with meaning. There are many songs that when I hear them, I go right back to a certain time or place in my life. This post isn't really about a song, but more about a house with a song attached.

Growing up, I only lived in 2 houses with my parents. The first was out in the country and holds most of my childhood memories. We lived in this house until I was 13. A creek ran behind our woods. We'd walk down the long driveway and down those steep stairs made of rail road ties to get to the creek. There we'd catch crawdads and toads, we'd swim and go fishing. A few dogs are buried there in the field beside our house. We built dirt bike tracks in the woods behind the house and soft ball fields in the front yard. Pretended to have a bakery under the porch where one could buy the yummiest mud pies for the small price of just a leaf. Learned how to ride our bikes on the gravel driveway. Acted as detectives or the innocent victim during Bopper (a game we may have made up). Made a mess out of our basement only to be reminded by Dad that the basement was not a gym. Tried to hide our barbies in the closet downstairs so my brothers wouldn't find them and feed them to the dog. Played many a hide and seek games in the front. Caught lightning bugs galore. Hosted bon fires and cookouts for youth group and highschool friends... you get the idea. I loved this house, but most of all I loved the people and the memories that were made while living there.

Here's my last memory made at the blue square house with 5 acres of land on Burns Rd. Patrick and I drove by it one day when we had only been dating maybe a month. I told him that I had always wanted to see inside since we moved out. He had the idea to go knock and see if we could look around. BAD IDEA...I bawled the entire time we were in there and just kept saying "Man this is just so weird". He was probably thinking... "this girl I'm dating sure is weird" haha. All the memories would come flooding back to me as we walked through each room. I can still see every thing set up just the way it was when we left.

Here is a video from Miranda Lambert. I am pregnant and emotional so you can probably only imagine how I responded to this video. Do you have a place that brings back memories?

I also wonder what memories our little girl will have and where those will take place:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm about to go crazy with all my sewing cravings. I think I'm going to hit up Hancock Fabrics tonight and use my gift card. Tara T will you come with me??? lol

21 wks

Here's a (small) picture of my growing belly this morning. I know its not the best quality... I took it with my phone so I could email it to the blog. A better one will be coming this evening.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's the Day

Today is the day I've been counting down for. The day we find out if our baby is a boy or a girl. Do we need dresses or trousers? Bows or bow ties? Trucks or purses? As most of you know, I could NOT wait to find out the sex of our baby. Well today we found out.

Our appointment was at 9:30. I weighed in and had my blood pressure taken. Then they moved us on back to the ultrasound room. Everything looks great, this little baby has all the right organs and whatever else they look for in those things:) It was neat to see our little bean moving around.

Haha ok I'll tell you what we're having. We are going to be needing dresses and bows and purses and all things girly because we are going to be having a little GIRL!!!

The more I think about it the more I want to cry. Her face is so sweet and I just can't wait to kiss it and stare and it and admire every little detail. The Lord has been very kind to us by giving us a healthy little baby girl.

We haven't decided on a name yet. I'm super pumped though to get started on making fun little goodies. My bro and sis in law gave me a gift card to Hancock fabrics for my bday. I've been saving it until we knew what the gender was.


Baby's heart beat: 153
Baby's weight: 12 oz
My blood pressure: 100/60 (high for me because I was so anxious and excited to find out)
My weight: 125 lbs (3lbs since my last appointment 7lbs total)

I'm 21 wks tomorrow:) and its been two weeks since I last got sick!

Schreiners find out its a GIRL from Hannah Schreiner on Vimeo.

I'm trying out this video thing.. I have more that are better/more interesting but this was the first one and it took forever to load.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 wks on the 20th

I'm half way there!

6 days till we find out what this bean is.

Happy Tuesday folks!

Monday, July 19, 2010


in case you were wondering... thats the noise I make while eating my 3 o'clock (extremely healthy) snack.


We've been to a good bit of concerts since we've been married. I'd only been to maybe 3 concerts before marrying/knowing Patrick. I'm trying to keep a list going so we can remember them:

1. Joshua James-waterfront (Louisville)

2. Josh Ritter- ? (Louisville)

3. Phoenix- the palace (Louisville)

4. Regina Spektor- the palace (Louisville)

5. Andrew Peterson- the ryman (Nashville)

6. Mumford and Sons- ? (Bloomington)

7. Explosions in the Sky- Headliners (Louisville

Not sure if these count:

1. Flame (once unsuccessfully attempted by both of us and once sucessfully seen by Patrick.)

2. Sojourn CD release show

3. Sleigh Bells- (seen only by Patrick) ? (Louisville)

Does Wicked count? If so that was at the Ky Performing Art Center (Louisville)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I may be a paranoid mother. I hope not. Thursday evening I went to my friend's place for a dessert night with the girls. Good times. While I was there, I bumped my belly fairly hard on the corner of her stove. This isn't the nicely curved handles like I'm used to on our stove, these are the metal jagged and sharp corners. Friday I was pretty sore and bruised. I got freaked out when I felt what was probably just round ligament pain.

I called the doctor and the doctor said I needed to go to the hospital and hear the heart beat. I got really nervous and scared and started crying because I was worried and couldn't decide what to do. I decided it'd be best to go to the hospital and just have peace of mind that everything was ok. I went and sure enough everything was okay. They listened to the heart beat (high 150s) and monitored me for maybe 5 mins.

That's my story. There you go. Maybe I'm paranoid. Oh well.

For our memories sake, Patrick felt the baby move tonight for the first time. I had been feeling it and asked him to come sit by me and see if he could feel it. He was hesitant (Patrick doesn't like doing things that waste his time:) ). He wasn't let down. This baby came through and kicked/punched/bumped into that hand a good two times. Thanks baby!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Obsession

I know it's summer and I'm still loving the warm weather, but something has me craving winter. I'm still looking forward to so much about this summer and fall (hello, Oregon in just under 3 weeks!!!)

What I'm craving about winter:
*Hats and Scarfs. I'm really in this knitting mood. Since I don't know how to knit a hat yet, I'll have to crochet some. That's just fine with me!
*Pumpkin cookies... ok just baking in general. The smell of all those yummy spices. MMMM
*Christmas decorations. Christmas is probably my #1 favorite season to decorate for (yes I just called Christmas a season and not a holiday). (and yes, I just ended a sentence with for). Last year we were right in the middle of buying a house, fixing up a house, and moving into a house and therefore left me with no time to decorate a house:(. Now all my decorating love is all bottled up and needs releasing. ***I'm already starting to sing Christmas songs:)***

Here's a blog that I've found today that has only been feeding my new obsession. I'd like her to be my friend and teach me how to knit like she does. Seriously if you go back to her posts from this winter and check out some of the sweaters she has made, she's amazing!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cordova Wedding

19 wks and rambling

Almost half way there.
Hard to believe.
I'm starting to show a little more.Feeling baby every once in a while.
13 days and we'll know what this little squirt is.
I'm still anxious to know BOY OR GIRL???
I got sick last night :(
It had been over a week since the last vomitting session.
I'm wanting to sew and maybe even bust out those crochet/knitting needles...
only one thing I need to know first BOY OR GIRL????Wondering if the saying is true- does scratching your stomach while pregnant really cause stretch marks?I don't want stretch marks.
If I get them I know I'll be ok.
19 wks.

18 wks (thought I'd throw it in as well)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kirby goes to the Vet

***My knee looks huge in this picture***
Kirby has been limping lately. It started about a month ago and we thought he'd probably just pulled a muscle and it'd get better. When it did get better we thought it might be hip displasia. I took him to a local animal clinic. This clinic is known for caring doctors and being inexpensive but also having LONG waiting times.

I took him after work yesterday and he wore me out! We waited in the waiting room because it was too hot outside. There were probably 30 other people in there waiting with their animals(dogs of all sizes, cats, rabbits, RATS). We waited for 20 minutes in line to put our name in and then over an hour to be called back. Once we got back into a room, we waited another 20-30 min. I've never heard Kirby bark and whine so much. He was so anxious and just wanted to play with every animal in there. He was jerking me all over the place.

The verdict:
-Kirby weighs 75 lbs (he's a big boy!)
-The dr said it's not his hip but probably his knee.
-He thinks he may have torn his ACL... either partially or fully (he wont know unless we do x-rays)
-The dr gave him a shot of anti-inflamatory something and gave me pills to give him orally for the next week.
-Kirby can't go on walks, or fetch a ball, or jump, or rough house for the next week. This is going to be hard on him.
-If Kirby is still limping after we give his knee a week to heal, they want to do x-rays. This means he'd have to be sedated...which makes the bill around $250.
-If x-rays show Kirby has torn his ACL completely, he'll need surgery... $650.

Bringing our grand total pretty close to $1000.

Kirby you better have just spranged your knee!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's the little things

It really is the little things that make me happy.

I've been trying hard to stick to a budget and get our spending to a min. This will hopefully help when our baby arrives and income gets cut.

One area I've been working on is our grocery bill. I've been trying to go every two weeks when we get paid and stretch it further if I can. I am trying to spend $200 a month and I only use Patrick's tip money for groceries. Last time I went I went a little over because I had to buy Kirby's food. I spent $115. That means this time I could spend $85. I counted Patrick's tips last night... $85. So when I made out the list I tried to not add anything we didn't really need. I also added up in my head how much I thought each item would cost. It was around $85. Great!

On my lunch break I went to Kroger and had 40 min or so to get all this done. I added and subtracted as I went along. As the lady was ringing up my items, I was watching the total. I thought the Kroger discount had already come off when the total came to $98 I was a little bummed but it was still under $100. Then she pushed a button and off came the discounts. I was so excited. My new total was $85.00 EVEN. I was so happy. I called Patrick and my mom and told them all about it. I told Patrick I knew I was a dork getting excited about a grocery bill total, but I guess that's what my life is coming to. :)

ah, the little things.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Burgess Family Photos

While in TN this weekend, I was able to do a shoot with my cousin and his family. These boys are adorable!!

17 1/2 wk pic

I'm actually in the 18th week now, but have a picture I haven't posted from 17 1/2 wks.

Fourth of July and a Missing Dog

Patrick and I took advantage of this long weekend and made it even longer. We both took off for Friday and had Monday off because of the 4th. It was like a mini vacation. Thursday night we headed down to my parents to stay the night and enjoy. It was great to be at home and get a visit without all the craziness that we usually have when we go home (craziness only because there are like 16 of us at home when all of us visit). My Dad has recently bought a jeep and with the nice summer weather we had Thursday and Friday he decided there was no better way to enjoy both of these than by taking his girls out on a drive. Mom and I bundled up and went out on a beautiful drive with Dad. I really wish I had taken my camera. There's something about a cool breeze while the sun is setting and your surrounded by corn and soy beans. mmm the smell of summer!

Friday Patrick and I headed on down to Nashville where we would spend the rest of our weekend. We first went to my sister's house. My parents later met us there and we all went out for some pizza and then coffee.
From there, we went to my aunt and uncle's house to stay the night. They had just gotten back from vacation but generously welcomed us in their home for the next 3 days anyway. The rest of the weekend was filled with soaking up sunshine by the pool. We played corn hole and mexican train. We were crafty and domestic and made corn hole bags and homemade pizza. Saw fireworks and took pictures. Played with cousins and nephews. It was a good time.Monday I turned 22. When we were about to leave for dinner with my sister and bro in law, we got a call from Patrick's parents. They were keeping Kirby for the weekend and informed us that they were driving around the neighborhood looking for Kirby because he had been missing for almost an hour. Of course being the hormonal pregnant person I am, this news made me really sad. I got all stressed and cried. We were 3 hrs away and our dog was missing. We couldn't do anything to help look for him. Just pray and hope they'd find him.

My mind started going a million miles a sec. Kirby was wandering around, lost and lonely and didn't know his way home. Kirby was stuck inside of someone's home who didn't know his name (because we didn't put his name tag back on him..we are bad owners, we know) and would never know his name. Kirby would get called "Spot" or something awful like that for the rest of his life. Kirby was now being loved on by some kid who is not supposed to be Kirby's friend.... OUR kid is supposed to be Kirby's friend. Kirby was taken to the pound where we may never find him. Kirby was possibly hit by a car. You get the idea. Well we finally got a call back from Patrick's parents who told us they had found him!!! After driving and biking around their neighborhood for hours and putting up flyers and talking to neighbors and policmen, they got a call saying Kirby was alive and actually just across the street. It turns out, Kirby wandered off from them while they were all outside. He walked across the street and somehow made it into the neighbors backyard (mind you, this yard is fenced in by a 6ft tall fence). These neighbors weren't home at the time. But came home to find flyers and a strange dog in their back yard. We are so happy Kirby is okay and home with us now! I actually let him lick me as I rubbed his belly and he laid in my lap. Although he sheds like a banchee, I love him.