Sunday, July 18, 2010


I may be a paranoid mother. I hope not. Thursday evening I went to my friend's place for a dessert night with the girls. Good times. While I was there, I bumped my belly fairly hard on the corner of her stove. This isn't the nicely curved handles like I'm used to on our stove, these are the metal jagged and sharp corners. Friday I was pretty sore and bruised. I got freaked out when I felt what was probably just round ligament pain.

I called the doctor and the doctor said I needed to go to the hospital and hear the heart beat. I got really nervous and scared and started crying because I was worried and couldn't decide what to do. I decided it'd be best to go to the hospital and just have peace of mind that everything was ok. I went and sure enough everything was okay. They listened to the heart beat (high 150s) and monitored me for maybe 5 mins.

That's my story. There you go. Maybe I'm paranoid. Oh well.

For our memories sake, Patrick felt the baby move tonight for the first time. I had been feeling it and asked him to come sit by me and see if he could feel it. He was hesitant (Patrick doesn't like doing things that waste his time:) ). He wasn't let down. This baby came through and kicked/punched/bumped into that hand a good two times. Thanks baby!!!

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  1. Oh, I would be worried too, but I'm glad everything was okay! I have a pregnant friend that was elbowed in the stomach fairly hard, and she was worried too, but she's seven months along now and the baby's doing great! I think they must be pretty well cushioned in there . . .