Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burns Rd

I have a spot in my heart for homes/places/songs with meaning. There are many songs that when I hear them, I go right back to a certain time or place in my life. This post isn't really about a song, but more about a house with a song attached.

Growing up, I only lived in 2 houses with my parents. The first was out in the country and holds most of my childhood memories. We lived in this house until I was 13. A creek ran behind our woods. We'd walk down the long driveway and down those steep stairs made of rail road ties to get to the creek. There we'd catch crawdads and toads, we'd swim and go fishing. A few dogs are buried there in the field beside our house. We built dirt bike tracks in the woods behind the house and soft ball fields in the front yard. Pretended to have a bakery under the porch where one could buy the yummiest mud pies for the small price of just a leaf. Learned how to ride our bikes on the gravel driveway. Acted as detectives or the innocent victim during Bopper (a game we may have made up). Made a mess out of our basement only to be reminded by Dad that the basement was not a gym. Tried to hide our barbies in the closet downstairs so my brothers wouldn't find them and feed them to the dog. Played many a hide and seek games in the front. Caught lightning bugs galore. Hosted bon fires and cookouts for youth group and highschool friends... you get the idea. I loved this house, but most of all I loved the people and the memories that were made while living there.

Here's my last memory made at the blue square house with 5 acres of land on Burns Rd. Patrick and I drove by it one day when we had only been dating maybe a month. I told him that I had always wanted to see inside since we moved out. He had the idea to go knock and see if we could look around. BAD IDEA...I bawled the entire time we were in there and just kept saying "Man this is just so weird". He was probably thinking... "this girl I'm dating sure is weird" haha. All the memories would come flooding back to me as we walked through each room. I can still see every thing set up just the way it was when we left.

Here is a video from Miranda Lambert. I am pregnant and emotional so you can probably only imagine how I responded to this video. Do you have a place that brings back memories?

I also wonder what memories our little girl will have and where those will take place:)


  1. Aww, that is too sweet. Also, it sounds like you had an awesome childhood home!

  2. Oh my goodness, I was bawling with you after that video! I'm in an emotional mood today, so I've cried at about five different songs that played on my iPod, and now I got all choked up at this one too. Thanks for sharing!