Friday, July 9, 2010

Kirby goes to the Vet

***My knee looks huge in this picture***
Kirby has been limping lately. It started about a month ago and we thought he'd probably just pulled a muscle and it'd get better. When it did get better we thought it might be hip displasia. I took him to a local animal clinic. This clinic is known for caring doctors and being inexpensive but also having LONG waiting times.

I took him after work yesterday and he wore me out! We waited in the waiting room because it was too hot outside. There were probably 30 other people in there waiting with their animals(dogs of all sizes, cats, rabbits, RATS). We waited for 20 minutes in line to put our name in and then over an hour to be called back. Once we got back into a room, we waited another 20-30 min. I've never heard Kirby bark and whine so much. He was so anxious and just wanted to play with every animal in there. He was jerking me all over the place.

The verdict:
-Kirby weighs 75 lbs (he's a big boy!)
-The dr said it's not his hip but probably his knee.
-He thinks he may have torn his ACL... either partially or fully (he wont know unless we do x-rays)
-The dr gave him a shot of anti-inflamatory something and gave me pills to give him orally for the next week.
-Kirby can't go on walks, or fetch a ball, or jump, or rough house for the next week. This is going to be hard on him.
-If Kirby is still limping after we give his knee a week to heal, they want to do x-rays. This means he'd have to be sedated...which makes the bill around $250.
-If x-rays show Kirby has torn his ACL completely, he'll need surgery... $650.

Bringing our grand total pretty close to $1000.

Kirby you better have just spranged your knee!

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