Monday, July 19, 2010


We've been to a good bit of concerts since we've been married. I'd only been to maybe 3 concerts before marrying/knowing Patrick. I'm trying to keep a list going so we can remember them:

1. Joshua James-waterfront (Louisville)

2. Josh Ritter- ? (Louisville)

3. Phoenix- the palace (Louisville)

4. Regina Spektor- the palace (Louisville)

5. Andrew Peterson- the ryman (Nashville)

6. Mumford and Sons- ? (Bloomington)

7. Explosions in the Sky- Headliners (Louisville

Not sure if these count:

1. Flame (once unsuccessfully attempted by both of us and once sucessfully seen by Patrick.)

2. Sojourn CD release show

3. Sleigh Bells- (seen only by Patrick) ? (Louisville)

Does Wicked count? If so that was at the Ky Performing Art Center (Louisville)

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