Monday, July 16, 2012

moo day

Friday was cow appreciation day at chic fil a. Dress your family up as cows and get free delicious food? Yes please!!

I took a stained onesie of lydia's and drew on spots with a permanent marker. I used a starter kit that CFA provided for Patrick and I and taped black spots onto our white shirts. I put ears of headbands for Lydia and I (Lydia wasn't interested in wearing it) and Patrick had a hat with ears. Kesid's outfit was one that my aunt gave me when Lydia was was perfect.  Patrick was a champ as this was not as exciting to him as it was to me.
 I told Lydia she was a cow and she walked around mooing for a while. HA

A meal that would have been close to $15 was free all because we dressed up like cows :) we also got to see lots of people we knew there.

Thanks Chic Fil A!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

some favs

Thought I'd do a post of some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

Here we are about a week after she was born.

Meeting Uncle Matt for the first time

Visiting with grandma

doing some painting

first Sunday going to church...matchy matchy :)

Mimi comes to visit

this is when her eyes were still gunky

love these with my girls

Sweet cousins

Meeting Uncle John and Aunt Brooke for the first time

Love her sitting there sucking her thumb and playing with her belly button...

Father's Day... It's hard to hold all these girls

I think this is 3 weeks

Love this one!! I love her outift

found her thumb!

meeting her cousin for the first time

kesid: 1 month

What a sweet month it has been getting to know the little one who I so badly wanted out of my belly. She is just about all you could ask for in a baby. She sleeps well and is a champ at eating. She is generally very content when she is awake unless she is working out a poo... She is a lot like her big sister as far as temperament goes. We praise the Lord for all of this!!  (the little dress (that looks like a shirt because she is so long) was mine as a baby)

She still has a ton of hair and her eyes have just started (at 5 1/2 weeks) to look more brown than grey/blue. She hasn't really started cooing or smiling yet...still eagerlysid for those :)

We went to the doctor for her one month check up at 5 weeks and I was surprised to see that she already weighs 10 lbs 3 oz (75th %tile) and is 22 1/2 in long (90th %tile). I wasn't as surprised about the length because she was busting out of newborn sleepers in the toes..

She eats about every 2 1/2 hours and is usually awake for close to an hour after a feeding and then sleeps until she eats again. At night I have been feeding her at 10:30 and she's been waking up around 3:30 am and then again at 7:30. Last night (5 1/2 weeks old) she slept from 10:30 to 5:40... I woke up and was shocked to see the time. I no longer set an alarm to wake up and feed her...just wake up when she starts grunting and getting fussy. I am thankful that she has for the most part just gone right back to sleep after every night time feeding. 

She has met a lot of people this month but one very special person was her great grandmother (Nanny). I am so thankful that my Nanny is able to be around my girls. What a gift she is! 

When Kesid cries she looks a lot like her big sister. I feel mean saying this but that face was my favorite with Lydia... she just looked so cute when she cried. 

I love the way Kesid sleeps all sprawled out. She doesn't like to be swaddled (much diff from Lydia). 

At around 10 days Kesid got a clogged tear duct that turned into an eye infection. That then spread to both eyes. When we went to the doctor about her eyes we found out she had thrush. We got medicine to treat both things... the eyes cleared up after about a week of medicine and lots of massaging her eye with a warm wash cloth. I felt so bad for her because at the beginning it would be so bad that she couldn't even open her eye until I cleaned the crustiness off. The thrush was a little more stubborn... the dr gave us a nystatin suspension for me to rub on her tongue. After 2 weeks of that and it still sticking around they put me on diflucan? for a week. I finally think it's gone after 3 weeks or so of treatment. Both of these were not fun to deal with but overall they are very minor things. We are thankful for her health!

After her umbilical cord fell off I noticed  that her belly button kind of bulges out...come to find out its a herniated belly button. We are not worried about it as these are common in new borns. Hopefully this will correct itself as she gets older and her stomach muscles develop and strengthen.

We praise the Lord for our sweet Kesid! Happy 1 month little one!!

lydia: 19 months

I'm very behind in updating the blog but thought I'd try to redeem myself during nap time.

Lydia turned 19 months in June. She is still a sweet sweet girl but is having more and more trouble obeying.  I don't think it has to do with Kesid coming along... I think it's just her age. Age and teething...she's cutting her canines. 

I have no idea how much she weighs. Probably 25 lbs or more. She is a big girl!! 

Lydia is starting to talk so much. She'll pretty much attempt to say anything you ask her. Some of my favorites to hear her say are umbrella, watermelon, and bless you. 

Lydia is eating with a fork and spoon on her own. She still makes a mess but her skills are growing!

She used to be terrified of the fountains at our neighborhood park but now she is starting to enjoy them. She calls it the water and anytime we go to the park now we are required to stop at the water :) 

This weekend (4th of july weekend) we have spent a lot of time in the pool. She started off a little timid but by the end of a few days she was climbing up and down the stairs by herself and jumping off the sides of the pool to one of us catching her. I hope she learns to love the water. 

She still loves to read. She has recently starting really liking to "watch" anything on the computer. Anytime we open our computers she'll come up to us and say over and over "watchee, watchee" until we give in. We have started to watch a channel on youtube called kidstv123. It has some great educational videos. She has learned many animal sounds and has started to learn her alphabet sounds. She'll sing, "ah ah apple, ba ba ball, ca ca cat, da da dog." She also loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star and doe a deer. 

She is taking one nap still. Usually she'll go down after lunch and sleep for 2-3 hours. 

I am struggling with getting frustrated with Lydia's disobedience. I pray that I would be patient, slow to anger and abounding in much love toward Lydia (and Kesid) because I have received the same from the Lord. I also pray that the Lord would change my daughters rebel heart to love him and love to obey his commands (and those of her daddy and mommy)

We love our Lyds! She is a great big sister! Happy 19 months sweet girl!