Monday, July 16, 2012

moo day

Friday was cow appreciation day at chic fil a. Dress your family up as cows and get free delicious food? Yes please!!

I took a stained onesie of lydia's and drew on spots with a permanent marker. I used a starter kit that CFA provided for Patrick and I and taped black spots onto our white shirts. I put ears of headbands for Lydia and I (Lydia wasn't interested in wearing it) and Patrick had a hat with ears. Kesid's outfit was one that my aunt gave me when Lydia was was perfect.  Patrick was a champ as this was not as exciting to him as it was to me.
 I told Lydia she was a cow and she walked around mooing for a while. HA

A meal that would have been close to $15 was free all because we dressed up like cows :) we also got to see lots of people we knew there.

Thanks Chic Fil A!!!


  1. You all are so cute! Adorable family!
    Love you guys,
    Kim Clark and Fam

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