Saturday, August 4, 2012

lydia: 20 months

Lydia was 20 months on July 21st. We were about to leave for vacation so those days were a little busy. Then we went on vacation and those days were busy as well. Now that we're back and settled I thought I'd finally do her post.

Lydia is growing up so fast. Patrick or I comment at least once a day about how big she is getting. I was watching a video of her as a 2 month old earlier to compare her with Kesid and I could hardly believe that was the same Lydia.

She is a ham. This girl loves to smile and make funny faces. She also is great at mimicking. If we dance- she'll dance and if we make a face- she'll make a face and (probably one of my favorites) if we raise our eyebrows she'll squint her eyes trying to do the same.

Her vocabulary is growing everyday. She is saying more things in somewhat sentence form. I'm excited to see how much she learns in the next 4 months (CRAZY!! In four months our sweet girl will be 2 years old).

She LOVES to watch do re mi from the Sound of Music on youtube. It's usually the first thing she asks for in the mornings. She sings along which is also pretty adorable. Lydia has a raspy, almost hoarse sounding voice and it's just so cute and she sings DO DO DO.

I don't know her height or weight but she's a good sized girl. She is still a good eater but has become more picky. She is cutting her canines still. One has finally broken the skin. I'm ready to be done with these teeth!!

Last night was her first night sleeping in a big girl bed! We are so proud of her. She did pretty well. She woke up 4-5 times and came into our room. The first time she had pooped so that one is excused...the others we'll work on! I just laid her down for her first nap in the toddler bed. I laid her down, read a book, sang her normal night time song (the doxology) and told her not to get up but to go to sleep. She didn't get up! We'll see how long she naps though :)

Doing all this big girl stuff makes me want to potty train her. Maybe in September I'll start trying.

We are still right in the middle of discipline city. I think she has improved a little on obeying when we ask her to come or stop something. There is still tons of room for improvement but I'm thankful for the progress we've made. Praying that the Lord would give her a heart that is able to obey!

Happy 20 months sweet big sister!

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  1. Fun! She is precious. :-)-Katie