Friday, August 10, 2012

adding to the mom resume

I gave Lydia a peanut butter covered rice cake at lunch time. After finishing that bad boy off she was quite the mess. Instead of trying to get her cleaned up with just some paper towels I thought we'd have a mid-day bath time.

As I had her in the bath I kept thinking about how she had never pooped in the tub. AND how thankful I was for that! I was sitting on the potty (not going...just sitting on the lid) and Lydia kept saying "potty." I assumed it was just because I was sitting on the potty that she kept saying this. In the back of my head I had this awful feeling. I kept thinking she was going to poop in the tub and that my wonderful record of tons of bath times with no poop was going to be ruined.

I left the bathroom to go grab a screaming Kesid and when I returned there was some extra stuff in the tub with Lydia. NASTY!!!! I laid the still screaming Kesid down in her bouncy seat and got Lydia out of the poop water. Started draining the water and watched as the poo floated down stream to the drain (sorry this post is nasty but it's also kind of hilarious!!).

I wiped Lydia's bottom and then took her to the kitchen sink to finish the bath. I set her on the floor in the kitchen to adjust the water temperature and she PEED!!! Now I have poop sitting on the drain of my tub and pee on my kitchen floor. Lovely! (Don't you want to come over for a play date now)

I got her cleaned up. Removed the nastiness and scrubbed the poo out of my tub. Oh and I cleaned up the pee on the floor.

Thanks Lydia! You've just added to my mom resume (and made our tub a little cleaner).

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  1. Oh my, that's funny (in an awful sort of way)! We've dodged the pooping in the bathtub bullet so far, but I'm sure my time is coming . . .