Saturday, August 4, 2012

kesid: 2 months

Sweet Kesi Ru is 2 months old. Time is flying!!!

This little girl is such a good girl. We have been blessed with another girl with a sweet disposition.

Kesid is generally very content and happy. She is starting to give us lots and lots of smiles. Oh how I love that precious smile!

She is eating every three hours now and has a big stretch at night. The last few nights I've fed her at 10:30 and then again around 6:00-6:30.

I have not been nearly as structured with her schedule as I was with Lydia. When Lydia was little I tried to always keep her awake after eating so that she had the eat, awake, sleep schedule. With Kesid I kind of let her do whatever she wants :). She still follows that pattern pretty close but I'm just a lot more relaxed. When it comes time for her to take 3 naps a day I'm sure I'll get more structured again.

Kesid is a great eater. At the doctors office the other day she weighed 11 lbs 15 oz (80th %tile) and was 24 in long (95th %tile). I looked back at Lydia's stats for this month and she was still under 10 lbs. Kesid is definitely a bigger babe.

Kesid has cooed some but its not very consistent. She has found her fists though and likes to eat them.

 She got her first round of vaccinations at her 2 month appointment. It was sad but I did better than at Lydia's 2 months appointment. At Lyds I cried. I nursed her right after they finished and she cheered up. She didn't run a fever and her legs haven't seemed too sore. She has been a little fussier these past few days. Hopefully that will pass soon!

 She still has a ton of hair. I love her hair line in the front and think this swirl in the back in so sweet.
These have been a fun two months. I love getting to know this little girl. Praising the Lord for his loving kindness in giving us Kesid!!

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  1. So so sweet Hannah, she is just adorable! :-)- Katie