Monday, May 31, 2010

Philpot Family Photos

The Philpot's have recently adopted two sweet babies into their family. Thank you guys for letting me take some pictures of your sweet new family.

this one was a little washed out so it kinda of looks grainy but I liked the faces.

Some family members were in town and came along for the shoot. Here's one of all the girls (minus one sister who wasn't able to make it in).

Toward the end, we got a little cranky and tired of a big ole camera in our faces:

Alex and Clint's baby: BOY OR GIRL???

Our friends Alex and Clint are expecting their first. Saturday evening they had a gender reveal party/cookout. It was a fun evening of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones for us.

Alex and Clint made these yummy cupcakes to help tell whether or not they we having a boy or girl. They put colored icing in the middle of one of them. pink for girl or blue for boy. Patrick and I both went in thinking it was going to be a girl.
Friends of Alex's from high school and college

Clint and Alex with the little boy she nannies for.
Four pregnant women. Left to right due dates: Me-Dec 7th, Alex-Oct 8th, Amy- June 25th, and Tereza is a little past due with May 27th.
Which one is it?
IT's a GIRL!!!

Alex's grandma ignored the rule of no gifts and brought cute outfits for either girl or boy. Girl won out!

Congrats Alex and Clint! We can't wait to meet your little girl!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bek's grad and visit to Nashy

I thought I'd catch up with some few pictures tonight. Last weekend we went down to visit my sister and aunt and their families in the Nashville area. Two weekends ago my sister graduated from WKU's nursing program. I went down with my mom and dad to the ceremony.
this was Tillman's first time in the pool, he really liked it.

this is my cousin's son-he's a cutie

WKU's 2010 graduation

12 wks

Today I am officially 12 wks along in my pregnancy. I can't believe it. I remember with my sister Bekah's pregnancy I thought it took forever for her to get to this mark. At the time I thought it was because every day I'd ask her, "how far along are you today???" Maybe time is just going faster now???

Last night ended a good stretch of 7 days with out getting sick. Hopefully last night will be the last and I'll be feeling good and energetic from here on out.

We had a fun weekend down in TN. It started with a wedding on Friday and then a visit with my sister and aunt and their families. It was busy but good and I finally got to enjoy some sunshine!! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures tonight.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What I like about Blogging

I remember at the beginning of last year I mentioned to Patrick that I thought it would be fun to start blogging. I had found some different peoples blogs that I really enjoyed reading and thought it would be a great way to journal different events in our life. Patrick beat me to it and started a blog that I night.

I was soon to follow. At first I felt funny and didn't want anyone to know about it. Now more people know about it than I know. It's funny how I get random comments from friends about my life and when I ask how they knew about that they said they read it on my blog.

Not only do people that I know and have met read, but some of the first people to start "following" me were people I've never met. People from different parts of KY or even Florida. One girl, Brittany has been following me since almost day one. I returned the favor (I dont' really know if it's a favor, but) and started following her as well. Turns out we have a lot in common. She and I were both newly married, both believers, both have interest in education (she was an elementary school teacher and I had just ended my pursuit of a degree in el ed), both have husbands who are interested in full time ministry... the list goes on. Anyway since we started following each other, it has been fun to get to know this woman from FL and hear of their adventures in marriage and life in general. I feel like I have made a new friend.

Her and her husband are now on a journey to start a new career in a new country. They are currently in training for that in Canada. I'm excited to continue reading her blog as they head out on this journey to share great news with people in the middle east. Would you be interested in reading about their journeys and even praying for their ministry? Check out her blog. She is also hosting a give away today for those who comment on her post.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Pandora Radio has become my new best friend at work. I often turn it on to keep me awake while working. Lately my station pick has been "lion king." This brings up all kinds of fun Disney songs as well as soundtracks to great plays like Les Mis, Wicked, Mama Mia, Rent, etc. All these songs have put me in the mood to catch up on some good oldies.

Here's my list in no particular order
Enchanted (i know its not an oldie but still good)
Mary Poppins
Lion King
Sound of Music
Beauty and the Beast

and Harry Potter (this one is not encouraged by the music I've been listening to... I just want to see the ones I have yet to see (4,5,6, and 7).

Patrick if you want to rent any movies soon, these would be great:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Josh Ritter in concert

Patrick and I saw Josh Ritter in conert last night at the Brown theater. It was a good show.

It has been a long time in the making for P and I to see JR. A little over 2 years ago we tried going to a show in Nashville with some friends. We had tickets and went to the venue only to find out Patrick couldn't get in because he didn't have his license or any form of ID. We drove back to Louisville that night and instead of hearing him live, listened to his CD in the car.

JR was great to watch. He's so happy while performing it just makes you smile. I love his style and could have sat their all night listening to him sing.

Thanks Patrick for getting us tickets and having your ID:) even though it wasn't needed.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Heart Beat

I went in for my second appointment this morning. All is well. I was able to hear the heartbeat again and what a sweet sound that is! Beating at 168 the doc says everything seems to be going well.

She also informed me that she never changed my due date. During my last appointment, the ultrasound technician said she'd move the date from Dec 7th to the 11th. My doc said she felt that keeping the 7th was just fine since I was sure of my last menstral cycle. So I'm back at Dec 7th which makes me 11 weeks tomorrow.

I'll take the 11 weeks because that gives me hope that I wont be throwing up much longer:) The last 4 out of 5 nights have been spent hugging my toilet (or someone elses).

With all the vomitting I've been doing, I was kinda shocked to see that I've gained 3 lbs. Guess that baby is growing away!!!

Thank you Lord for keeping our baby healthy!

I also went ahead and scheduled my next 3 appointments. 2 normal check ups and then the 3rd is the big reveal of the sex!! July 26 I already can't wait for you to come!

**update on my niece Josie, she was able to come home today and is doing well!!! Praise the Lord!**

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Josie's Heart

My youngest niece, Josie, had heart surgery yesterday. We are very thankful to the Lord that everything went well. She has a road of recovery in front of her, but with a healthy heart we pray it will be easier than the last 5 months.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Mahon

Jenny had JLM Thursday May 6th. The family is doing well and get to come home from the hospital today. We were able to go visit our dear friends and get some pictures of their little man.