Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

I read a ladies blog who always does "show us your life Friday." Today's theme is baby names. Patrick and I have a few names picked out that we like. Here they are:

1. Noah James (This is a definite)

I haven't really put any of these together yet but I also like Joshua, Patrick (as a middle name), Timothy, Jacob, and Gideon.

1. Abigail Ruth (I really like this name but Patrick isn't so sure. We both like the name Abigail but don't really care for Abby. I have a good friend who has kept with Abigail so I know it can be done, but we just aren't sure if we always want to correct people. HER NAME IS ABIGAIL!)

2. Lydia Esther (Patrick's grandmother (his mom's mom) was named Esther. I now have her wedding ring. We think it would be neat to name her after her.)

We also like the name Kesid for a girl. It's Hebrew for

***You may comment on any of these names only if you like them:) ***


  1. Love the names! Love Noah James. I like the name Abigail Ruth also. But I know what you mean about having to correct people all the time! I tend to do that with Nicholas!

  2. Of course I am partial to Noah.... my Noah turns 12 tomorrow, May 8th! sigh.... Best mother's day present ever! His middle name, Cody, is from our grandpa Clyde Cody Pike. :) I am also partial to the middle name Esther too :)

  3. I swore I would name my children names that no one could shorten but family members find a way. My oldest is Quentin he is called, "Q", or Qway. Marissa is my Angelbabi and she is called Rissa Re, and DeVaughn is the baby and he is called Vaughney, or Tookie Man!! My name is Victoria and all my life people have tried to call me Vicki, Vic or even V!! My husband is the only one who gets called his given name, Kelly!!