Friday, May 21, 2010

What I like about Blogging

I remember at the beginning of last year I mentioned to Patrick that I thought it would be fun to start blogging. I had found some different peoples blogs that I really enjoyed reading and thought it would be a great way to journal different events in our life. Patrick beat me to it and started a blog that I night.

I was soon to follow. At first I felt funny and didn't want anyone to know about it. Now more people know about it than I know. It's funny how I get random comments from friends about my life and when I ask how they knew about that they said they read it on my blog.

Not only do people that I know and have met read, but some of the first people to start "following" me were people I've never met. People from different parts of KY or even Florida. One girl, Brittany has been following me since almost day one. I returned the favor (I dont' really know if it's a favor, but) and started following her as well. Turns out we have a lot in common. She and I were both newly married, both believers, both have interest in education (she was an elementary school teacher and I had just ended my pursuit of a degree in el ed), both have husbands who are interested in full time ministry... the list goes on. Anyway since we started following each other, it has been fun to get to know this woman from FL and hear of their adventures in marriage and life in general. I feel like I have made a new friend.

Her and her husband are now on a journey to start a new career in a new country. They are currently in training for that in Canada. I'm excited to continue reading her blog as they head out on this journey to share great news with people in the middle east. Would you be interested in reading about their journeys and even praying for their ministry? Check out her blog. She is also hosting a give away today for those who comment on her post.


  1. Hey Hannah, I have been following a blog called the Pioneer Woman for a while now. Take a look, maybe it's something that would interest you? She lives on a ranch in Oklahoma, has four kids that she homeschools, has a cookbook and is a food blogger. She also blogs about photography and has a great sense of humor. :) Jessica

  2. correction: here is the link to the blog from previous comment:
    :) Jess