Monday, July 9, 2012

some favs

Thought I'd do a post of some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

Here we are about a week after she was born.

Meeting Uncle Matt for the first time

Visiting with grandma

doing some painting

first Sunday going to church...matchy matchy :)

Mimi comes to visit

this is when her eyes were still gunky

love these with my girls

Sweet cousins

Meeting Uncle John and Aunt Brooke for the first time

Love her sitting there sucking her thumb and playing with her belly button...

Father's Day... It's hard to hold all these girls

I think this is 3 weeks

Love this one!! I love her outift

found her thumb!

meeting her cousin for the first time


  1. Hi Hannah,
    Seems like you are starting to settle in with two little ones. :) I have a post request, I would love to hear more about Kesid's name, how you came up with it, special meaning behind it. It is a beautiful and unique name, and I love these stories.

    1. Hi Kasey,

      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond...
      Kesid is a hebrew word found in the Bible and means "the Lord's loving kindness."
      If it were spelt literally it would be Chesed.

      thanks for reading!!