Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Engagement Day Photos

Today is the two year anniversary of when Patrick and I started dating. These days are so fun for me to look back on. They fill my heart with warm joy. haha warm joy. I know I'm silly.

So here are pictures from the day Patrick proposed. He was in D.C. doing an internship at CHBC and I went up to visit with his family on their spring break. I, of course, was wishing and hoping that he would propose soon but had talked myself out of it. I knew that this would be my last trip before he came home so I wanted to simply enjoy all of it and not be disappointed if he didn't propose.

That morning we all got up and went on a walk around the monuments and tidal bason and admired all the beautiful cherry blossoms.

I love this picture of his mom. We were all resting and waiting to meet up with his sister and dad and Diane decided she'd take this time to do some stretching. This picture perfectly captures her flamboyant personality.

After we walked around the bason, we went home and I scurried to get all dressed up for dinner. I thought we were only going dinner. (Side note: Patrick had this whole thing planned out so well. He had contacted my sister and had her ship up a dress, shoes, necklace and earings for me to wear to dinner. This was all supposed to be a suprise but I kinda ruined it.) Anyway so we go to dinner at 1789. It's a real historic type of restaurant and we felt slightly out of place by how formal it was. It was great though.

I know this picture is really small, but this is the room we ate in.

We had a romantic dinner with good conversation and then left to go somewhere, I had no idea where. Patrick and I pulled up to this beautiful place.

The Naional Cathedral. We walked around and made our way to the Bishop's garden. I was just admiring how pretty everything was. I wanted to look and flowers and the stone stuff. Well Patrick (knowing his agenda and getting nervous) was hurrying me to get to the gazebo. We walk in and there are candles everywhere with tulips. He turned and grabbed both of my hands. **This is the point where I finally knew what he was doing.** My eyes must have gotten so big! He told me lots of sweet things like that he loved me (this was the first time) and then asked me to marry him I OF COURSE said yes and then we hugged and kissed and enjoyed the moment.

He then told me that there were people there waiting. It was his family. They came running out of the bushes to congratulate us. It was great! Seriously one of the happiest moments ever. His parents had done all the setting upand lit the candles before we got there. Patrick drew a map explaining to them how he wanted it all set up.

Patrick really out did himself. He even had an engagement party planned for afterward. (he was pretty confident I was going to say yes:) )

This night was amazing! I love my husband and am thankful for his creativity and time put into planning sweet moments like these. I'll cherish them forever.


  1. How sweet! That's a fun engagement story! I recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading it! I'm a Christian and a newlywed too. Drop by my blog sometime if you have a minute! I'll check back, now that I know your here!