Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

All week I have been thinking it was the day ahead... like on monday I thought it was tuesday and tuesday I thought it was wednesday. Well, I know today that it's Wednesday and I'm happy about that! Half way done with the week. Friday I'm hoping to go golfing with Patrick at the course that is literally walking distance from our house. And Saturday is Thunder! I have lived in Ky my entire life and have never been to Thunder over Louisville. This year a group of us from church are getting together and attending the festivities. I'm excited! Happy Wednesday~~ I hope the rest of your week flies by and is absolutely fabulous!


  1. I thought that it was Tuesday night when it was actually Monday night. I pleaded with Eli to take out the recycle bin at about 11pm, explaining that the next morning would be too late. Eli called me around lunchtime the following day to inform me that it was Tuesday, not Wednesday, and that I was thinking ahead again. I do this every week.

    By the way--if you and Patrick ever want to play at Persimmon Ridge, let me know. I need to get Eli out there--he's never tried to play!

  2. Hello! Thanks for the Bible recommendation! :0) Enjoy the rest of the's almost Friday! BTW what is Thunder?