Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy Busy Day

By the end of the yesterday I was exhausted. Absolutley pooped.

A few months ago my work decided to shift our hours so that we open and close one hour later. I had mentioned that I would still like to get up at my normal time and have that hour to do things around the house or read and eat breakfast. Well, that hasn't been happening. I go to bed at my normal time and get up an hour later... I love to sleep.

Yesterday I decided to get up early and spend some time reading and eating breakfast. At work I have a lot of spare time so I worked on thank you notes (from my wedding 6 months ago). I had like 40 (out of more than 150) still left to do.

On my lunch I had to run to the post office and take our tax stuff to be mailed (btw today is the deadline for taxes). It just so happened that the post office was surrounded by all these great stores. Since I had time, I went in. At Off BroadwayI bought myself some new running shoes. They were a good deal and my old ones have been hurting my feet. Then I went on over to Joann's Fabric and bought a few white pens (for my thank you notes). After all this, I swung by Mc D's and picked up a not so healthy lunch.. ALL this in less than one hour.

After work I quickly started dinner (because Patrick is STARVING by the time he gets home). I made chesseburgers, french fries, corn on cob, and fruit salad. It was yummy. I added green onions and green peppers to the hamburger meat, making them extra tasty.

We cleaned up. I made a grocery list, went running, dropped off perscription at Walgreens, went to grocery store, picked up perscription, went home, unloaded groceries, put up groceries, caught up on emails and went to BED. I was pooped. But I had a really productive day so I felt good about being pooped.

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  1. that does sound like a very productive day!! why can't i get myself to be so productive?!?! and about the thank you notes, i still have about half to write. it has been 9 months. that is so. lame. i am so thankful for all my gifts, but writing thank you notes has been horrible for me!