Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Baby and an Engagerversary

Turns out that my friend Amanda (whose baby shower pictures are in another post) had her baby girl last night. Addelynn Gayle was born around 11 oclock. Two cute girls in one day...at least these birthdays will be easy to remember in the future:) I'm hoping to get some pictures of her up in the future. This weekend is going to be baby visiting city!

Oh and I forgot to mention that over the weekend Patrick and I celebrated our 1 year engagerversary. Yup a year ago Sunday (April 5th) Patrick asked me to marry him. It was the best question ever. I love Patrick very much and am thankful the Lord has given me such a wonderful leader as a husband! I'll put up some pictures from last year when I get home and tell the story of how he proposed!

The 4th also marked 6 months of being married. Can't believe 6 mos have already gone by.