Monday, April 6, 2009

Week In Review

The past week has been busy. There has been so much going on so I wanted to do a post about the last week so I could remember it all.
  • Monday:I can't even really remember-it seems like so long ago. Oh wait, I just remembered Monday I found out they are closing the branch I work at...I'm not sure whats going to happen.
  • Tuesday: we both worked and then enjoyed dinner with the Brainards and their new baby Eleanor. This is a family from our church who we have just begun to get to know better. They are a sweet couple and this is their first child.
  • Wednesday: I took a half day from work because it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I didn't want to miss out on sunshine. Little did I know that Patrick also got off early so we spent a little of the afternoon together outside getting some sun. I then went to help our friend Annie paint her base boards in their nursery. When I came back Patrick and I went on a (supposed to be) quick run in Cherokee park and were planning on going to church afterward. Well, we locked our keys in the car. So we walked home, tried breaking into our apartment and ended up using our neighbors AAA membership to pop our lock open. I've really been wanting to get to know my neighbor so I am thankful this happened. We ended up having her up for dinner afterward and watched LOST. It was fun!
  • Thursday: Worked and then helped some friends move into their new apartment. Went out for pizza and cokes afterward.
  • Friday: We spent the night doing laundry. This was long overdue. We do our laundry at Patrick's parent's house. My brother, Jordan, joined us for some grilled pork chops and potato soup. Patrick and I watched Australia while doing our laundry.
  • Saturday: I went to coffee and counseling at church. This is a neat thing our church does one Saturday morning a month. Our counseling pastor meets with all who want to attend and we discuss a topic. This months topic was anger. It was great to meet with other believers and go over what the bible says about anger and how we should counsel others. This lasted till about noon when I had to rush home and straighten up the apartment before some couples were coming over to look at our apartment. They are thinking about moving in the complex. I didn't quite get all the way done with cleaning so they got the dishes all over the counter, trash bags in corner, bath room sink not cleaned look of our apartment. Oh well. After cleaning and doing a tour of the apt I went to a local thrift store and then on a good run. (I have gone running twice this week. I'm really out of shape and am motivated to change that. Hope I keep my motivation.) Some friends from church had a big group of people over to their house for "cards and cornhole." We had a blast. There were a bunch of people from our church that we had yet to get to know and it was great to finally hang out with them. The girls played nertz and I'll just say I'm addicted!!!
  • Sunday: We had a great service at church. We worked in the nursery for the first time and enjoyed getting to serve. After lunch I got the call that Loralyn's water broke and that they were in the hospital. We spent most the of the day here and then drove down around 8 oclock. She didn't have the baby until 6:25 am...We should have waited and slept here in our own beds and then gone down this morning to spend time with them. Hind sight's twenty twenty huh. Check out my last post to see beautiful pictures of Claire.
  • Monday: Worn out! Took day off and slept! Just got done cutting Patrick's hair and now we are watching UNC kill Mich State in the first half... About to hit the sack.


  1. Sounds like your week was as eventful as mine! Thanks so much for helping with the nursery--I had fun. I really do want you guys to stop by and see the finished product (even though I posted photos--real life is better); Eli is sick, so when he feels better, we'll have to make some plans!

  2. Whew! What a busy week! I'm sorry about your branch closing. I will be inprayer that God opens another door for you!

  3. Hey Han-
    I love catching up on yalls lives. I really miss you and Pat a ton. So Texas.... me and Kaitlin and Lee Taylor are interning at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas. We are youth interns and are just hanging out with kids all summer. I really can't wait. Stay tuned!