Thursday, December 9, 2010

first play date and a failed attempt at a photo shoot

Yesterday Lydia and I attended our first play date. Seeing as all the babes were 6 mo or under it was more of a mommy chat date. Either way, it was fun. My friend Alex hosted. We made cookies, talked, nursed and held sweet babies.

M with her sweet baby E (5 wks). G man (6 mo) in a moses basket trying to get some sleep. S (9 wks?) with her mama Alexand our sweet sleeping LydiaHere they all are together. G's got all the girls :)
I'm looking forward to many more play dates. I think the adjustment from working in an office full time to working at home full time will be hard at first and these sort of things will help.

Here's Lydia in her burping position. I absolutely love her faces when I'm trying to burp her.
Aunt B came and visited before she had to work. It's nice being home and getting to have these times. She is a nurse and also 28 wks preg with little Rory.

Ha, here's my attempt at a photo shoot with Lydia. I really wanted to get some of her all snuggly and little. I was hoping she'd curl up in this bowl and let me snap some pictures of her. She's already kicking against her mamma's will. Legs STRAIGHT OUT!

and then she got fussy.
So I gave in and let her lay on a more comfortable blanket.

I currently have the cuddliest sleeping baby on my chest. How am I going to get anything done today??
p.s. I didn't cut my hair. The rest is just tucked behind my back.

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  1. love this! gabe was a big turkey in that moses basket! i'm going to work on getting him more flexible at napping other places so maybe next time we can stay longer. can't wait till next month :) these babies are going to get so big sooo fast!