Saturday, April 2, 2011


Here are 4 random videos of life with Lydia.

My Nanny and Mom often sing this song to kids. I've picked it up and sing it multiple times a day to my girl.

Lydia has been laughing a good bit lately and mostly at random things we do to her. She really likes when Patrick kisses her hands.

Blowing raspberries has always gotten smiles out of Lyd. This last week she was really studying me as I'd blow them. One day she stuck her tongue out and blew one herself. Spit and drool have been flying ever since. It's so cute because it's almost as if she's proud of herself. I also did a quick tour of her nursery in this video.

I was dancing with Lydia this afternoon and she was laughing it up. Of course when Patrick got out the camera she calmed down... we caught a few.


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