Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yeah, I misspelled it. That's how I feel this morning. Sick and disoriented. Last night I went to bed feeling just fine. 4 a.m. not so fine. Sat up for a while. Then it started coming out.

I hate the feeling of being sick but knowing you have to take care of a baby. I don't want to get Patrick or her sick either. Yet she needs to be fed. I have milk in the freezer that we could give her in a bottle. But then I have the hassle of pumping. (I think pumping is a hassle.)

So I'm missing church and about to go back to sleep. Maybe I'll get up and take a shower and see if that helps. Patrick took Lyds to church with him. (BIG HELP!!!)

I guess I'm thankful this happened today and not tomorrow when he starts his first day of a Jterm.

Well Happy New Year. I'm scik.

p.s. our girl is 6 weeks today.

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