Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 mo

Lydia turned two months last Friday the 21st. We had her 2 month appointment with her pediatrician and got our first round of vaccinations. Those were tough... on both of us. The nurses had me hold down her little legs while they gave her shots in both legs at the same time. She let out the worst scream I had ever heard. I buried my head in her chest and started crying too. The nurses looked at me like I was kind of silly and asked if I'd be okay. She eventually calmed down after I nursed her and then I calmed down as well. I'm trying to convince Patrick to go to the 4 month appointment so I don't have to. Or at least come with me for moral support.
At the doctor we found out she weighed 9 lbs 15 oz. She's almost a ten pounder (well she probably is now). She has also grown 2 inches in the last month. She's now 23 in long. I had put up the newborn outfits and move her up to 0-3 mo clothes. Those feet were started to look squished.

This 9th week has been so much fun. Sunday it seemed as if she had really turned a corner as far as smiles go. We have been getting lots of sweet grins and all out smiles this week. Every time she smiles at me my heart swells.

I will leave you with one picture from my phone...I was taking off Lydia's shirt this morning and while it was stuck on her head it reminded me of a hat. I made a horse out of some pants and a scarf and took a picture... I drew inspiration from this blog.


  1. Oh boy...I'm going to be the same way when our little girl gets here. I can't imagine having to watch them stick her with needles :(

  2. you might have already read it, but I did a series of posts on vaccination schedules on my blog-- check it out at

    I've also tried to "think out loud" in a series of posts here:

    I've been invited to do a series of guest posts on the topic at, and if you're interested I'll gladly send you the link when I do. (it'll be some time in February)

    Multiple shots in very-tiny babies is probably not good for brains, nerves, immune systems, or bodies... of course God is sovereign and controls everything, but still, it's good to be informed! The CDC isn't exactly unbiased in their recommendations-- believing them unquestioningly is like trusting a clothing salesman to do your budget...they've got a bit of a vested interest in having you buy LOTS of clothes!! :) (

    I know you're a great mom and are taking good care of your precious baby. But do check out the info if you have time!! She is worth it!

  3. So creative!! Katelyn pointed right to it and said "horsey!" =)