Thursday, January 13, 2011

Videos of our girl

We have taken some videos of Lydia and I've been really bad at putting them up. So this is the post where I dump what we have on the blog and if you want to watch them you can. Some may think they're boring but I think they're cute.

Here is Lydia doing tummy time on Patrick's chest at 5 wks.

I had mentioned a few posts back that Lydia has a favorite way to be held. Patrick demonstrates that for us in this video.

Here Lyds and I were having a chat at 6 wks...she was smiling in the very beginning.

These last 3 were from this week at 7 wks

Can you tell we are the slightest bit proud of our girl?


  1. Hannah she is adorable! We're so excited for you all! I'm so glad she's such a good baby, it sounds like she's a lot like Tommy as far as being laid back and very easy to take care of. Loved the videos!

  2. Lydia is so precious! I just love your baby bedding! the owls are so sweet. Where did you find it?

  3. Hey Hannah, in that last video I think she looks alot like you! Love you and Lydia is gorgeous!

  4. she is absolutely adorable Hannah!! :0)