Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cow Print

You know you're good looking when you can look this cute even in cow print.


I absolutely love this girl
Attempt at a family picture... Kirby is even partly in it.
Lydia is still doing fabulous! What sweet girl we have. She is changing so much. It seems like each day even is bringing new things. She is starting to be a little more expressive and a lot more alert. She was following me with her eyes really well earlier. She has given a few more smiles and coos. I really can't wait until those are flowing freely.

I ran 1 mile today. Lydia also pooped on me today. Ha.

I just wanted to post some pictures really quick of our cute little cow.

She just woke up from her nap with gas. She's not supposed to be up for another 30 min... I was counting on those 30 min to make dinner. I may just have to strap her in the carrier and make her go back to sleep. She loves that thing.

She is not loving me right now... crying babe here I come.

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