Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Pictures and Lyd Update

I am so happy right now. Raechel over at Finding My Feet posted a tutorial on how to post pictures that fill up your entire text column. I've always been annoyed with blogger and the size of their "large" pictures that take up a 1/3 of my column. Well now the problem is fixed! Thank you Raechel.

Here are some pictures of Lydia. My sister crocheted these little leg warmers. How cute are they?
I said I felt like I had an 80's girl on my hands... or does it look more like 90's? I was too young in the 80's to really know what the style was.

Another fun feature Raechel exposed me to: Collages! I'm pretty sure you can make one without the black border. I'd like that better but am too lazy right now to change it. Next time.
Lydia has gotten so big lately. See how chubby those cheeks are in that top left picture. In the last week she has gone from newborn diapers to size 1. Yay! Now I can buy 50 instead 36 and still pay the same amount. I don't really understand why they charge you more for a smaller'd think it'd cost less to make. The girl is also fitting into some of her 0-3 mo clothes. They are still somewhat big but will have to do because newborn is getting a little too snug.

I bought a Moby wrap today. I think I'm going to like it! I have waited and waited because I think $40 for a simple (long) piece of fabric is a little silly. I thought maybe I could make my own but decided just to cave and pay the money. I carried her around in it today and she fell right to sleep. I wont do this too often because I'm really trying to make sure she can sleep in a bed and not have to be held all the time. But it is nice when she is fussy to have my hands free to do other things... like laundry or the dishes.


  1. girl, you silly thing, you could have borrowed my moby wrap for as long as you wanted! Eowyn's pretty much outgrown it now; I tend to use the Ergo when she needs carrying.

    I'd give it to you except I'd want it back b/c it was GREAT for her as a newborn/infant!

    Also... when you gonna brave the cloth diapers? I transition fully when Eowyn was 6 weeks old-ish, and with Baby #2 will probably start earlier if not from Day 1. It really saves so much money AND landfill space...

  2. ps- you can still borrow the wrap, if you want to take back the one you bought. :)

  3. Hi Hannah, it's been years so you may not remember who I am, but my maiden name is Kendall Kaelin and I used to be a friend of Jordan's a million years ago. I came across your blog a few days ago and didn't recognize your name but as soon as I saw your picture I couldn't believe it! I've really enjoyed catching up on what you and your family have been up to all these years. I can't believe how many babies there are! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful gift.