Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekend with Audrey

This past weekend went well. It was fun to spend time with Audrey and hear, "Aunt Hannah, you're the best" from a sweet 3 year old mouth. Friday my sister, Sarah Beth, and her husband, Brad, came up with Audrey and Myles. We went to Ramsey's Cafe on the World and then came back and hung out at our place for a little while. Sarah Beth dropped the big news, telling us that she is PREGO and will be adding a third kiddo to the mix. I can't believe it... babies are coming out of everywhere. In the last week I've had four friends tell me they are expecting.

Saturday Audrey and I spent some time painting these cute Russian dolls. I did the daddy doll and all the faces on the rest. I didn't mean for daddy to look so much like Jesus.. haha. Here are a few pictures.

We then went to the pet store and played with some kittens and picked out a new fish for Uncle Patrick and I (because our last two have died). We left the store proud of our choice in picking our our new beta named SPRINKLES.

Not too long after we came home from pet shopping, Patrick joined us from work and we headed off to the Louisvile ZOO. Out of everything there, Audrey liked the petting zoo the best.
As soon as we got in the car, Audrey was out!

We came home to find a dead sprinkles:( Oh well, he was fun while he lasted...which was approximately 4 hours.

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  1. Fun weekend!! My cousins came to our new apt (I was in town visiting) and Lena told me she wanted to live with me (not because she likes me, but because she likes the baby birdies in our window sill). It's fun having little kids around!

    I'm sorry Spinkles died!! I hope it didn't traumatize little Audrey!