Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knowing God

I picked up J.I. Packer's Knowing God a few months ago and couldn't get up the brain power to read it. This might be because google is making me stupid, but to my defense I think at the time I just needed a lighter read. Well my brain is ready now and I'm reading it. Knowing God is a great book!

I'm about half way through right now and am just finishing up the chapter on "the love of God." Here are a few quotes that I liked.

~ "Every single thing that happens to us expresses God's love to us, and comes to us for the furthering of God's purpose for us."

~ "We know that the true story of our life, when known, will prove to be, as the hymn says, 'mercy from first to last'--and we are content."

~ "Love among persons is awakened by something in the beloved, but the love of God is free, spontaneous, unevoked, uncaused. God loves people because he has chosen to love them--as Charles Wesley put it, 'he hath loved us, he hath loved us, because he would love' (an echo of Deut 7:7-8)--and no reason for his love can be given except his own sovereign good pleasure."

Packer ends the chapter with good food for thought:

Is it true that God is love to me as a Christian? ANd does the love of God mean all that has been said? IF so, certain questions arise.

Why do I ever grumbe and show discontent and resentment at the circumstances in which God has placed me?
Why am I ever distrustful, fearful or depressed?
Why do I ever allow myself to grow cool, formal and halfhearted in the service of the God who loves me so?
Why do I ever allow my loyalties to be divided, so that God has not all my heart?

John wrote that "God is love" in order to make an ethical point, "Since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another" (1 Jn 4:11). Could an observer learn from the quality and degree of love that I show to others-- my wife? my husband? my family? my neighbors? people at church? people at work? --anything at all about the greatness of God's love to me?

Meditate upon these things. Examine yourself.

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  1. I started to read this book, but it was too heavy for me at the time as well. I want to read it though. Maybe I'll try to read it again soon!