Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Patrick, there is a mushroom growing in our bathtub"

Wednesday morning I woke up to find a mushroom, yes, a mushroom, growing in our bathtub. I was disgusted! Our apartment building is older and the caulk in our shower shows it. I have scrubbed and scrubbed that thing to no avail. There was one little section where the caulk had been completely destroyed and water was streaming in every time we used our shower. I guess that explains the mushroom? This thing grew fast though because it was not there the night before. I was afraid to step foot into the tub where this fungus was making itself a home, so no shower for me. I woke Patrick up to show him the picture I had just taken of our new friend.

I called our land lord first thing once I got to work. He came the next day tore out the old caulk and sprayed. We now have nice, clean, mushroom free caulk and tub. Thank the Lord!
Oh yeah, we also have ants!


  1. Hannah- this is probably the greatest story of all. A mushroom in the bathtub??!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. han-
    we just celebrated derby in Bowling Green... no worries! We would have called you for sure if we had been in the ville. i miss you!

  3. Yuck, a mushroom? That's crazy! I'm glad they got it out - I wouldn't have taken a shower either!