Friday, May 8, 2009

WeekEND treat!

I'm excited for this weekend. My oldest sister and her family are coming up tonight for dinner and leaving their daughter with Patrick and I. Audrey is 3 1/2. She's my oldest neice and I can't wait to have 2 nights of sleepover with her. We've never done this before. I've gone and stayed with them to babysit during the day, but never at my house. So to make this the best weekend ever, we have big plans!

the ZOO!

I love the zoo myself and have been wanting to go with Patrick. Add Audrey and we have a great time ahead of us.


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  1. Oh, lucky! I was just thinking this morning that I wish I had a little kid to take to the zoo this weekend - my niece is still a little too young to appreciate the zoo. I miss the zoo! And the natural history museum.