Monday, May 4, 2009

Tweet the Gospel

Patrick has this posted on his blog:

The guys at 9 Marks are having a contest to see who can Tweet the gospel the best. Go HERE to submit your tweet and to get the guidelines. Here is my entry.

God is the maker, Sin be the plightThe creature is nothing, The Cross be sightFly to Christ, Believe and be contrite.

I went on and entered this as my tweet.

God absolutely good creator of all
Man ultimately evil & rebellors against God
Death required b/c of sin
Christ satisfied on cross
Rebent and believe
Have eternal life

The rules were you had to present the gospel in 140 characters or less. I was kind of confused whether spaces count as characters or not... so I have (I think) exactly 140 letters. Anyway the guys at 9marks are going to pick the top 3 and give them a free book of their choice autographed by the author.

I think its great for us to practice sharing our faith in concise simple ways. How would you share the gospel in 140 characters or less?

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  1. This is a good post! I'll have to try to think of a way to present the gospel in a short but clear way like that.
    Thanks for the book idea! I'll have to check that one out. I've read one other series by Francine Rivers, and it was good!