Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's a BIG day!

Not only is today the Derby, it is also my friend Amanda's wedding! I'm excited for her and wish I could attend. But I'm a poor married woman who can't afford a trip down to FL for a wedding. So I'm wishing her the best day from here in good ol' KY! She is getting married on the beach and I know it's just going to be gorgeous. Here are a few pictures from our friendship.I've known Amanda since the 3rd or 4th grade but we didn't become friends until end of 5th beginning of 6th. I actually had a grudge towards her in those first couple years. You see, she performed in the talent show with this boy Leviticus, who I had the biggest crush on. I was sure that they had a thing for each other and therefore I didn't like her. Then we both tried out for the middle school cheerleading squad. Our elementary school and middle school were only seperated by out football field. For a week, every day, we'd walk across the football field together to cheerleading tryouts. I was finally over Leviticus and decided to give her a chance and we became best of friends. She was great at gymnastics and helped me with my backflip. We cheered all thoughout middle school together. Our friendship continued on into high school and it still continues on today! I'm thankful for Amanda and am excited her and Mike (her soon to be husband). So next time I see Manda, she'll be Mrs. Mike Kuzma. Congrats Manda!!

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