Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday I met my friend Amanda at McDonalds for her birthday. This wasn't just an ordinary McDonalds, it was connected to Kosair's Children Hospital. While waiting in line I saw a little girl (probably 8 or 9) who was obviously going through chemo treatments. She had lost her hair and was wearing a mask to prevent air borne illnesses. This really made me start thinking about how often I find myself complaining about whatever despite all I have to be thankful for.
I found this piture on this blog and it made me want to write this post.

Here's what I'm thankful for:
  • God's grace and mercy in my life. That, knowing who I am to the deepest level, He chose to call, justify, sanctify, and glorify me. I have a great hope to keep me going through all things.
  • I have the best husband ever! I'm so thankful that two years ago next month we started dating and a year a go next month he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! He really makes me so happy. I love to sit by him and just stare at his beautiful face.
  • My family. The Lord has really blessed me with a great family. He has continued to add on to us through marriage and healthy babies.
  • The Lord's providence. People always warn about getting married at a young age. They kindly tell you that things will probably be tougher if you are both young. Well the Lord has continued to provide for Patrick and I. Thankfully we both have good jobs and have not lacked anything we need. We know that this is all the Lord's doing and that it is to him we should be grateful.
  • Friends. I moved to Louisville with Patrick, leaving behind all that was normal and comfortable to me. Thankfully the Lord has placed friends all around us. Some live on the same street even. This has really helped me adjust to a new city and new life.
  • This life is not the end. There is more... A place where children wont be diagnosed with cancer. A place where tears will be wiped away and God will be glorified as we are completely satifisied in him. Thankful that we experience things that make us long for that place and not get too comfy here.
Thank you Lord for all you have given me. I pray you would remind me often to be thankful for what you have provided.

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  1. louisville ky is not too far from us. :-) we are in huntsville alabama. :-)

    wow. i loved your blog. i could definatly feel the anointing of the lord reading it! thanks for sharing! may god bless you!

    oh, and i found your blog through mcmamma.i am new to blogspot and was just looking around :) hope you don't mind if i follow you?