Friday, March 20, 2009

Refinishing Chairs Chair

A while back I got the idea to recover our chairs. Patrick and his mom found them at some thrift store here in town. They work fine but just dont look the best. So when in hobby lobby one day, I decided it wouldn't be too hard to do a little recovering project. I bought some fabric, foam pads, cording and pins and went home all excited and motivated to get to work.

I was so excited that I went ahead and took off the old fabric on two of the chairs. Well I got bored after ripping off the fabric and took a break. A two week break. Then on a day off I decided to bite the bullet and get these chairs done. One thing...I don't have a sewing machine. So I hand sewed the seat and tried to hold, stretch and hammer down this fabric with my two hands wishing I had three extra. 4 sermons and 3 hours later, I was finished with my first chair.

It has now been two months and I haven't touched the other three. So I have two looking like this

one looking like this

and one like this

I've concluded I need to invest in a sewing machine, get a day off and ask a friend to hep.


  1. i think you should ask your wonderful neighbor to help... that would be ME!!!

    love, alex casabella

  2. I would help if I was in town. I'd even bring my sewing machine :)