Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Time and Sun Shine!

I'm sitting outside listening to James Taylor's "Carolina in my mind." I love James Taylor. I think its because my Dad and Mom like him so much. Anyway its a beautiful day and I'm not really feeling like doing anything (like make dinner) except sit out here and soak up some good ole vitamin D.

I've been planning on my Mom coming up to visit this Friday because I have my half day but just found out today that my two sisters are coming up too!!! We are going to go to a cute little place for lunch and then head out and try to find some deals at some local stores. I'm excited for some family time!


  1. Hi Hannah,
    I just saw that you are "following" my blog (although, I have to admit...I have no idea what that means!), so I thought I'd pop in and say "Hi".
    I look forward to "getting to know you" via blogland. :)

  2. Family visits always are such a blessing!

  3. Vitamin D is what the sun produces in your skin :) thought i'd set ya straight. It's a huge deal in medical-world right now b/c apparently a lot of people are deficient!