Thursday, March 12, 2009


Spring is in the air! and that makes me want to buy new accessories: earrings, rings, hand bags, shoes!! So today I stumbled upon SAMMOON. It's a great website with some really cute jewelry and hand bags for enexpensive... like 3.95-5.95 for earrings and under 30.00 for handbags. Of course you have to pay shipping and handling but maybe if you buy a few things the s&h would be worth it. check it out... I know I'm going to! That is after I make sure its ok with my husband :)

Here's my wish list:


  1. Great post. I just found your blog from Kelly's blog. I am a bank teller too! I live in east Tennesse which isn't too far away from you in louisville! I hope you get at least one thing off your wish list!!!

  2. Hi! I came by from Kelly's Korner! Love these earrings. So Pretty!