Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Patrick and I were at our local park the other day and saw the cutest dog ever! I'm not the biggest fan of getting a dog, but when I saw this dog, I really wanted one. SO we aksed the owner what the breed was and to our surprise it was a golden retreiver/cocker spaniel mix. After doing research... I now know that these are called Comfort Retreivers. They're too cute and are supposedly really well tempered. Someday maybe we'll get one!!


  1. He is really cute! We want a dog too, but since we are heading overseas on the mission field soon, it doesn't look like it would be wise :(

  2. Cute--but I've been bitten once by a dog, and it was a cocker spaniel. In the face. I had to get three stitches.

    Maybe the retriever in him/her will win out! You'll have to meet our dog Millie!

  3. Love cocker spaniels-- I had one growing up and he was so loyal :) Sounds like a great (and absolutely adorable) mix! We have a cavalier king charles spaniel (looks like Lady from Lady and the tramp)-- spaniels are wonderful!